The Ansgar Treasury

The Ansgar Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection (The Windflower Saga Book 12)
Aleksandra Layland (Author)
( 1+ Reviews)

Fans of fantasy, historical fiction, tales of love, adventure, royal heritage, war, and everything in between will find Aleksandra Layland’s collection, “The Ansgar Treasury” to be an incredible journey. Contained within these pages is not only the first part of Layland’s epic fantasy trilogy, “The Windflower Saga”, but three related novellas have been included as well. The stories Ansgar, The Feathered Crown, Far Endeavor, and Three Brothers of Ansgar embrace the reader in a rich introduction to the world of the Windflower Saga. In turn, these add to the intricate web that is Aleksandra Layland’s world as a whole. The audience will feel the pull of wanting to know one’s own culture and have that connection with family thought to be gone forever. With a foot firmly planted in the emotions and conflicts of reality, the ideas present within how race and heritage are depicted in Kimbria are striking. The vivid descriptions and flowing prose help not only to encourage a turning of the page, but embed the images contained in those pages into the mind of the reader.

Messages of kindness and compassion weave throughout these tales, and the inherent goodness of the characters the reader will follow will spark a feeling of companionship, as though the reader has known these characters for years. The gripping struggles faced by these characters are all too genuine in the best of ways. Any readers will find themselves holding their breath as the conclusion nears beyond the horizon of this harrowing tale.While audiences will follow along with bated breath and mourn the loss when the book is over, they will have comfort knowing the other two parts of the Windflower trilogy are waiting.

Layland has successfully crafted an immense world that calls for exploration. This dip into Layland’s expansive epic fantasy world far exceeds expectations. Impossible to put down, and thus worth a purchase, “The Ansgar Treasury” by Aleksandra Layland begs to be shared with friends and family. – Reviews

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The Ansgar Treasury
Aleksandra Layland (Author)

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