Science Fiction

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Watching From Within
Daniel LaMonte (Author)

Book Description: Watching From Within is set long into a future where thoughts are as physically powerful as deeds. Winding throughout this exciting, time-sliced tale of science fantasy, is a touching love story, a dramatic, high-tech murder investigation and a captivating account of a sect of dreadful zealots…Read More

BLOOMING FRIENDS: A Science Fiction Novella
L. J. MAULDIN (Author) | M. L. BERGER (Author)

Book Description: As the research/explorer spaceship Elysium Hub speeds towards the distant planet of Trappist 1C, it carries a range of plants to be introduced to the new world as part of a galaxy-changing experiment. The assorted crew members discover that their Captain, Roger Nuttycomb, is a man who demands their respect and loyalty although he shows little in return…..Read More

The Light Caller
L. Chandler Vreeland (Author)

Book Description: This is a great novel written by Georgia trial lawyer, and former Assistant District Attorney L. Chandler Vreeland. It is a fictional account inspired by a trip Vreeland and his father took to the island of Barbados many years ago. The book tells the story of John, an islander who is known as “The Light Caller”….Read More

Kara Richards: Seeking Tallemar
C. S. Eubank (Author)

Book Description: Enter a magical realm where the battle between white and black magic lies in the hands of a group of unlikely teens. Kara Richards thought she had a normal life until she developed powers of vision and telepathy upon her thirteenth birthday. To complicate matters, her long-lost aunt arrives to take her to an island to join other teens with special skills similar to her own…Read More

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