Art on the Human Heart

Art on the Human Heart
Paul Ho (Author)
( 3+ Reviews )

“Art on the Human Heart” by Paul Ho is as ambitious and strong as the man who wrote it, so audiences everywhere will want to follow along on his journey to self-discovery, though young adults to adults may benefit the most from the book. Sometimes life gets in the way of paths previously chosen, and Paul Ho relates a tale that lets the reader know passion does not have to end with every roadblock. It may take creativity to overcome incredible hurdles, but that does not make this task impossible. Avid readers of biographies, science, tales of medicine or medical history, inspirational stories, and drama will love “Art on the Human Heart”.

The text heads straight for the emotional core of the reader with simplistic and elegant prose. Paul Ho has managed to turn his all-true story of a terrifying heart attack and incredible survival into an entertaining and fulfilling biography filled with hope. The writer does not lower his standards or talk down to the reader, but instead lifts the reader up without the jargon designed for medical papers. The balance required for such a tale of love and struggle is remarkable, and Paul Ho hits every mark with grace and integrity.

“Art on the Human Heart” is filled to the brim with rich details as a new kind of narrative guides the reader through a complex story. The story presented is truly unique in that the writer not only has expertise in the field as a doctor, but has experience on the other side as patient as well. Paul Ho’s story is inspirational, and the writing itself is riveting beyond the harrowing tale alone. “Art on the Human Heart” well exceeds expectations in all regards, making this is a must have on anyone’s shelf, to read again and again for inspiration. – Reviews

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Art on the Human Heart
Paul Ho (Author)

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