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The Fox and the Pie (Children’s Ebooks)
Christov Lubianski (Author)

Book Description: When little Timmy’s grandmother bakes one of her delicious apple pies for their dinner, he can’t wait to taste it. But Granny makes him wait and to allow the pie to cool down before they eat it, she places it next to the open window in the kitchen….Read More

Superhero Training Book
James Achuff (Author)

Book Description: This book is the first of its kind. I call this genre of books “family action books.” This genre’s characteristics are books about being physically active with children. Reading is a wonderful tool when paired with imagination and activity….Read More

Minecraft: Minecraft Secrets Handbook, Complete Crafting Guide, Master Survival Mode, Game Tips, Secrets, Hints (Combat, Mobs, Minecraft Pocket Edition, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Play Like A Pro)
Solomon Sanserif (Author)

The Princess Joke Book

Book Description: You’re about to discover secrets which many professionals do not know. Learning to master the game of Minecraft takes more than skill, it takes advanced intellect. This book has crucial tips, secret, hints to boost your game level….Read More

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A Woop in my Soup
Keith Lawrence Roman (Author)

Book Description: Take a look at our silliest book A Woop in my Soup. This lighting-fast paced rhyming book teaches the lesson that you should treat other people the way you would like them to be to yourself….Read More

Good Night, I Love You, See You in the Morning
Timothy Hall (Author)

Book Description: It was a very long time ago, in a creaky old house, where my brother, sister and I would peer down the stairs through the banister and share with my parents that magical saying that was part tradition, part superstition, part love, protection and faith. We’d quietly shout that one long sentence that was all those things and more. “Night, I love ya, see ya in the mornin’,” we’d say as if it were a single word,and wait for it to be repeated back to us before we could run off to climb into beds and feel safe and warm…Read More


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