Children’s Books

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Not So Risky Roo: A Home Safety Guide
Robert A. Sutton (Author)

Book Description: Risky Roo the Kangaroo is always getting hurt, but a day with his friend Hayden may help turn it all around. Putting on his safety gear and magical badge, Hayden teaches Risky how to avoid some scary situations. Will you take the Safety Pledge with Risky Roo? Not So Risky Roo is a full color illustrated children’s book written by a safety professional who is also a…Read More

The Monster in Mummy: De-Monstify Cancer For Children
Donia Youssef (Author)

Book Description: Just after she celebrated her 39th birthday, Donia had to face heart breaking news and the challenge to tell her children age 2yrs and 5yrs old that she was diagnosed with cancer. instead of shutting down her successful career as founder of internationally renowned model and acting agency for children – Tiny Angels, Donia decides to step up to the challenge and play to her strengths, lead her life with a renewed purpose and inspire other parents to overcome traumatic news and empower them. Donia has since ….Read More

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Sand Castles
Randy Randel (Author)

Book Description: William is ten years old and has a lot to learn, besides making sand castles. His father, a successful musician, wants William to grow up like him and everyone else with privilege in the city, but his mother knows William needs more than a good reputation and good genes to be happy….Read More

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