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Recent Book Reviews

WIDE AWAKE by Shelly Crane
Wide Awake
Shelly Crane (Author)
"Many would jump at the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and live their lives all over again. How refreshing it would be to be given a second chance to become a new and better person. But what happens when you lose all memory of your former life and you wake up a completely different individual? This is exactly what happens to Emma......Read More

Shadow Pack by Marc Daniel
Shadow Pack
Marc Daniel (Author)
"Chief Deputy Mark Sullivan is found dead in his home, another cop killed in a string of murders. However, this one was different, the other victims were killed execution style, Deputy Chief Sullivan looked like he had been attacked by animals......Read More

The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski
The Edge of Never
J.A. Redmerski (Author)
"Andrew and Camryn, two complete strangers, meet on a bus and begin a friendship. These two lost souls find each other and immediately put up every barrier possible toward the possibility of establishing a lasting relationship.....Read More

Doomsday Diaries I - Aaron Powell
Doomsday Diaries I
Aaron Powell (Author)
Aaron Powell’s Doomsday Diaries I is about Luke, a 13 year old boy who flees to a bomb shelter with his parents after a large scale nuclear attack has annihilated the Earth. Luke and his parents stay down there for four years....Read More

Bending the Boyne: A Novel of Ancient Ireland
J.S. Dunn (Author)
Part fantasy, part historical fiction, J.S. Dunn’s Bending the Boyne is a tale of twisted Ireland myths, a unique take on archeology and new legends that is sure to entertain readers of a wide spectrum of ages and interests......Read More

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