Urban Fiction

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African American History: Slavery, Underground Railroad, People including Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks (Black History Month Book 1) Kindle Edition
Adam Brown (Author)

Book Description: Discover the REAL truth behind African American History. You will be amazed to learn about some of the great African Americans and their legacies…..Read More

all sugar ain’t sweet: short stories (Four Short Stories, Love Inspired, Frienship & Family)
Candace Habte (Author)

Book Description: all sugar ain’t sweet is a SHORT collection of SHORT STORIES. So you can read it on a quick commute (assuming you’re not driving, of course). This short collection contains 4 short stories from various genres (from urban and inspirational fiction, to allegoric fantasy), each about relationships, featuring characters from different walks of life.

“Built to Last” takes place in the Jim Crow south where an unlikely friendship is formed between three boys. In “Love, Diamond” a teenage girl communicates with her deceased first love through letters. …..Read More

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