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The Inevitable Black Baby: “TIBB ”
A.T. LaPeau (Author)

Book Description: “THE INEVITABLE BLACK BABY: “TIBB” by A. T. LaPeau . Is an Original book of Poetry with a new twist and style..That he calls Protry .And the book its self honors 65 Famous Inevitable Black Babies. And each one has a title dedicated in their name…..Some of whom are Oprah, Aretha, Barack ,Dr. King , Stevie and Michelle .. ….Read More

Emoting in poetry: A collection of incidents in poetry
Shaun Dickinson (Author)
( 2+ Review )

Poetry at points along the road , some united press winning entries , some romance some long , something for everyone and its a short fast read though.

Inspired Me!
Ayanna McLeoud (Author)
( 1+ Review )

Does life ever seem mundane? Ever desire to hear a word that will motivate you to push forward? Inspired me! is written for that purpose! Every poem is a Word from God and was designed to uplift and encourage you to take the next step-Even when you are afraid. It’s time to be INSPIRED!

Hypnopoetics…Modern Love Poems and Hypnosis Inductions
Phil Billitz (Author)
( 16+ Reviews )

Hypnopoetics...Modern Love Poems and Hypnosis Inductions

Now with a Free MP3 Audio of the entire book “Hypnopoetics…”

The Original and Still the Greatest Book of Hypnotic Seduction Poetry.

These seduction poems give you the ability to hypnotize women and give them post-hypnotic suggestions to adore and want you – simply by reading them some mildly erotic poems.

The NLP for PUA Foreword explains the hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) language patterns used to capture and lead a woman’s imagination (and body) into bed.

Here are some of the many positive comments I have received from men and women:

“I absolutely love these poems, even though I’m a hetero woman. Some of the poems are certainly applicable for use with men…Read More

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