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The Korihor Argument: A Missionary’s Journey Out of Mormonism
Joseph Rawlins (Author)


“Do you know what I think?” Bishop Lambson asked me. “I think that you never had a testimony.”

Remarkable. A whole life of a man written off in a breath. And by a man with whom I had conversed less than half a dozen times. My whole life as a Mormon dismissed with an actual wave of the hand. …..Read More

Jesus the Father: Ancient Secrets of God Revealed
Surosh Shafihie (Author)

A meaty frog launches itself into the air, it does a front flip before karate kicking the grasshopper. The grasshopper grins and flies right back at the frog at full force, aiming for its gut. It was a trap, he opened his mouth and the grasshopper flew right in…….Read More


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