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Prayer is Powerful: Organised Christian Prayers To Ask God For Help For Yourself & Your Loved Ones
Selva Sugunendran (Author)

Are you looking to benefit from the power of prayer? Not sure where to start? Then this is the perfect book for you! The Spirit of God is designed to allow you to choose the path which is best for you. Selva Sugunendran has expertly crafted a wonderful book that will accompany your prayer journey……Read More

I Need Answers
D/N Dawit Muluneh (Author)

Whether you are just beginning your journey into the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church or have long been a member but are looking for answers to your questions about the church, “I Need Answers” is for you. Although the answers are gathered from Church fathers and holy books, the style of writing provides clear answers to complicated questions……..Read More

Josiah and the Theocrats
K Ley de Fenix (Author)

The story of government and religious corruption is as old as the world. History shows that, in most cases, access to power creates insatiable greed for more. Both religious and secular leaders for centuries have been using various techniques to manipulate people into getting the desired results. This book about the kingdom of Judah, a southern…Read More

The Revelations of the End of Times: Prophecies and Messages from Heaven (End Times)
J Montalat (Author)

The Revelations of the End of Times: Prophecies and Messages from Heaven (End Times)

The End of Times does not mean the end of the world (the world will not end). The End of Times is what is known in the Bible as “The Book of Revelations” or “Apocalypse of Saint John.” According to the author we are just at the beginning of this period, when the prophesied increase of catastrophic events of nature, plagues and diseases occurs. ….Read More

The Madman (Author)

The Madman took out his old brain and replaced it with a new one. “I am worn out.” Said the old brain, and it asked 2 watchers nearby to deal the Madman some knowledge. “Is it he who will be known as the Madman?” They asked. …….Read More

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