The Not-So-Perfect Heroine

The Not-So-Perfect Heroine
Gloria Atcheson (Author)
( 7+ Reviews )

“The Not-So-Perfect Heroine” by Gloria Atcheson is a how-to in finding yourself. Atcheson brings beautiful writing and compelling down to earth lessons for feeling better and improving the home, wrapped around a tale of empathy and love.

“The Not-So-Perfect Heroine” is the perfect book for those interested in self-help, organization, the FLY system, or motivational works. Easy to relate to, this story never pretends that life is always easy, and instead offers ways to work with a disorganized household until it is something better. Readers will find new life skills, and inspiration for moving ever forward within “The Not-So-Perfect Heroine”, just as Elizabeth does with the FlyLady in the story. The heroine of this tale finds that a cluttered house and a cluttered life can be overcome with a good system, as much work as it does take. The author knows all too well that feeling overwhelmed is a common ailment, but taking tasks apart and gaining a drive to keep on going can help make life move smoother, and with more joy. Atcheson plays with an interesting format, using dialog taking place inside a chat room, and so the audience gets a glimpse into an intimate piece of a larger concept and story. The narrative speaks to those who want to find that special something in their lives, or those who have a desire to get a life back on track. This is a wonderfully fluid way of introducing the concept of a life changing system within a readable and easy to digest storyline.

Under the guise of fiction, this is actually a very personal story for the author, which brings an air of understanding and passion for those reading the tale. As such, this FlyBaby story goes above and beyond expectations, and is a must-buy for anyone looking to change their lives for the better. “The Not-So-Perfect Heroine” by Gloria Atcheson should be read, reread, shared with loved ones, and kept for when the reader needs a burst of encouragement. – Reviews

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The Not-So-Perfect Heroine
Gloria Atcheson

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