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The Beast of Bellevue Book Trailer (2020)

“He was the most beautiful boy that she had ever seen…and she had confused him with her prince.” When 17-year-old Dylan Albright mischievously creates a dating website posing as his unsuspecting heartthrob brother, he doesn’t realize what is at risk is his own heart. Locked in Bellevue Sanatorium, 17-year-old Ava Pierce stumbles upon soccer star Alec Albright’s photo and ‘Hire-A-Friend’ dating service. Eager to get out and meet her prince charming, she sets out in search of her own independence. But what happens when the love of her life is not who she thinks he is….Read More

The Language of Deep Forgiveness: Break Free from Struggling to Accept the Unacceptable
Dr. Allen Gee (Author)

Book Description: This breakthrough book can benefit everyone, from those who need help forgiving to those who want a deeper understanding of forgiveness in order to help. Pastors and therapists will find it an invaluable resource for their churches and clients. It provides powerful unique insights to help you forgive deeply and quickly so you can move on with your life to be freer and happier……Read More

Winter Eternal: The River That Flows Two Ways
E. Thomas Joseph (Author)

Book Description: In 1777, Captain Isaac Pearson joined the British Army when he believed the Colonial Rebellion would be dispatched with effortless haste. Taking a few American lives was an agreeable price for the pampered aristocrat who believed his actions in the conflict would afford him honor and glory. Yet, the path Captain Pearson rode was neither honorable or glorious and the price he would pay was beyond his imaginable fortunes…….Read More


E. Thomas Joseph (Author)

Book Description: Familiarity is the nexus of our sympathies, for death to those unknown is met with apathy, yet death to those familiar is wrought with anguish. Autumn, 1777. The spirited, dissident colonials are emboldened by the recapturing of Fort Ticonderoga. In New York, internal strife and the competing pursuits of grandeur soil the empire’s better decision making. It appears inaction, despite ruinous events, is the best course of action…….Read More


Compendium of Psychosis (Oblivion Saga Book 1)
Tony Zayas (Author) | Dameon Golden (Author)

Book Description: What is reality? Is life itself a conspiracy? Delve into dreamlike worlds where nothing is sacred. “Compendium of Psychosis” is a strange collection of short stories and flash fiction about gods, ghosts, angels, superheroes, technology, insanity, revenge, and disturbing social issues……Read More

Dune Johnson (Author)

Book Description: The Children of the Alicia Towers Apartments are in trouble. Every summer; crazy, scary, and dangerous events transpire – and the kids must get through it all on their own…..Read More

An Antidote To The 9-5 Way Of Life: The Art Of Making Money From Anywhere In The World
Robin Klose & Maximilian Stadnik (Author)

Book Description: If you’re like me then you want to get sh*t done. If you’ve already started your first business venture, then you quickly realized running a company is like an insane roller coaster ride from time to time. There are a lot of ups and downs and loopings where you don’t know what’s going on at all. But there is also an end to this ride…….Read More

Laverne Ndopu (Author)

Book Description: It’s Raining Decent Men The characters in the story want change, freedom and not live in fear, not having enough resources or struggling hard to survive. With guidance of the creator of the universe and the communities working together, Kawhi sees a vision of long overdue true acceptance, love and equality. A new beginning of equity for all in Orbitland has now occurred…..Read More

The Day I Killed God
Nick Totem (Author)

Book Description: Is it possible to kill God? Even to a psychic like me, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind until the day I went searching for Elliot Spinoza. He was my friend and a mathematician, and he went missing. The FBI wanted him, but so did a couple of billionaires…..Read More

Leading in the Information Era
Dr. Yaqoob D. M. Al Bulushi (Author)

Book Description: This book is aimed at contributing in the improvement of the knowledge of practitioners in the field of leadership by providing guidelines to lead in the information era. The primary objective of this book is to provide practical information for leaders who want to implement successful information system projects in their organizations…..Read More

Everything She Needs (Everything She Needs, Book 1)
Lola StVil (Author)

Book Description: Nia is a romance bookshop owner who has lost faith in love. So when she meets her new neighbor, she ignores the butterflies in her stomach and reminds herself love is only in books. However NYPD’s Walker Hale isn’t about to let her get away. Let the chase begin! This sweet and funny romance has lots of twists and steamy turns…..Read More

Squeeze the Lime
Courtnie R Dunn (Author)

Book Description: Twenty-seven-year-old Heidi Mitchell is a bubbly, curious waitress trying to find her place in this world. She was set in a simple routine of work, eat, sleep, and play, but she always knew that deep down she wanted more out of life…….Read More

Mindful Business
Hiten Bhuta (Author)

Book Description: In this collection of my articles, you’ll find thoughts on finding and pursuing happiness at home and at work, even with the challenges posed by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. There are chapters about how to understand the health of both your brain and your business – two things which are not so different as you might think…….Read More

Nobody’s Daughter: Sometimes What Doesn’t Kill… Will Make You Wish It Had!
Mz. Couture (Author)

Book Description: Have you ever been broken? Life for Loveli Evans has never been easy. She’d been through more than most at such a young age and Life had no plans on letting up on her. She longed for a mother’s love, and despite her mother’s past, when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped at the chance to be with her…..Read More

True Trump: An Honest Biography of Donald Trump for Young Adults
Ross Rosenfeld (Author)

Book Description: He might be considered just another fascinating historical figure if he wasn’t so very dangerous. Donald Trump has led an unusual life – one filled with big business deals, gangsters, torrid affairs, tremendous falls, and a meteoric political rise built upon a campaign of hate and discrimination. …Read More

Black and Blue Lives: How to Survive and Reform American Criminal Justice
Mr. Curtis M. Elmore JD (Author)

Book Description: This book is the product of fifteen years of criminal defense work in the criminal justice system in Florida. Part I reveals some harsh truths about the system with real life anecdotes about real people dealing with the actual system……Read More

Language Implants
Paul Brackley (Author)

Book Description: Jerome thought it was going to be an easy out-patient operation to implant the French Language chip in his brain so that he could master the French Language immediately….Read More

Cultural Heritage, UN Sustainable Development Frameworks and Baltic Island, Gotland : Masters Thesis
Umar Shahid (Author)

Book Description: There has been a lot of media spotlight on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and what impact it can have when being executed in the process……Read More

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