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Leading in the Information Era
Dr. Yaqoob D. M. Al Bulushi (Author)

Book Description: This book is aimed at contributing in the improvement of the knowledge of practitioners in the field of leadership by providing guidelines to lead in the information era. The primary objective of this book is to provide practical information for leaders who want to implement successful information system projects in their organizations…..Read More

Everything She Needs (Everything She Needs, Book 1)
Lola StVil (Author)

Book Description: Nia is a romance bookshop owner who has lost faith in love. So when she meets her new neighbor, she ignores the butterflies in her stomach and reminds herself love is only in books. However NYPD’s Walker Hale isn’t about to let her get away. Let the chase begin! This sweet and funny romance has lots of twists and steamy turns…..Read More

Squeeze the Lime
Courtnie R Dunn (Author)

Book Description: Twenty-seven-year-old Heidi Mitchell is a bubbly, curious waitress trying to find her place in this world. She was set in a simple routine of work, eat, sleep, and play, but she always knew that deep down she wanted more out of life…….Read More

Mindful Business
Hiten Bhuta (Author)

Book Description: In this collection of my articles, you’ll find thoughts on finding and pursuing happiness at home and at work, even with the challenges posed by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. There are chapters about how to understand the health of both your brain and your business – two things which are not so different as you might think…….Read More

Nobody’s Daughter: Sometimes What Doesn’t Kill… Will Make You Wish It Had!
Mz. Couture (Author)

Book Description: Have you ever been broken? Life for Loveli Evans has never been easy. She’d been through more than most at such a young age and Life had no plans on letting up on her. She longed for a mother’s love, and despite her mother’s past, when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped at the chance to be with her…..Read More

True Trump: An Honest Biography of Donald Trump for Young Adults
Ross Rosenfeld (Author)

Book Description: He might be considered just another fascinating historical figure if he wasn’t so very dangerous. Donald Trump has led an unusual life – one filled with big business deals, gangsters, torrid affairs, tremendous falls, and a meteoric political rise built upon a campaign of hate and discrimination. …Read More

Black and Blue Lives: How to Survive and Reform American Criminal Justice
Mr. Curtis M. Elmore JD (Author)

Book Description: This book is the product of fifteen years of criminal defense work in the criminal justice system in Florida. Part I reveals some harsh truths about the system with real life anecdotes about real people dealing with the actual system……Read More

Language Implants
Paul Brackley (Author)

Book Description: Jerome thought it was going to be an easy out-patient operation to implant the French Language chip in his brain so that he could master the French Language immediately….Read More

Cultural Heritage, UN Sustainable Development Frameworks and Baltic Island, Gotland : Masters Thesis
Umar Shahid (Author)

Book Description: There has been a lot of media spotlight on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and what impact it can have when being executed in the process……Read More

Living Evidence
Roslyn Stone (Author)

Book Description: She wanted him…but would she make it out alive to have the love she wanted? Arizona fights for her life to escape the notorious Juan Carlos. Even under the protection of Witsec, she narrowly escapes the attempts on her life because she holds secrets…..Read More

Ebook: Ketoification: Navigating the Keto Lifestyle Like a Pro
Kori Robinson (Author)

Book Description: In Ketoificiation: Navigating the Keto Life Style Like a Pro, Kori answers all of your questions related to the keto lifestyle. ……Read More

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Saving Sophia: A Modern Faerie Tale
Brian Norvaisis (Author)

Book Description: Children shouldn’t have to save the world. But when the adults in their town go mad, what else are young Tim and Julia to do? Some sort of brain rot has afflicted them all. Why else would the adults send hordes of metal monsters to destroy the ancient, magical forest beyond the children’s backyard? Finding more wonders within its depths than any human shop can sell, Tim and Julia know they have to…..Read More

12 Principles of Personal Growth: Bringing meaningful change to your life
Anisa Marku (Author)

Book Description: When pursuing any venture in life, starting out may seem confusing, overwhelming and unattainable. Through the experiences and guidance of this book, you can find clarity and confidence by setting organized, reachable, and beneficial goals for yourself by creating healthy mental habits……Read More

A Reflection of Life’s Lessons
Chatty J. Rasul (Author)

Book Description: Poetry is a reflection of life’s lessons and experiences. In times of reflection, we are open to the possibilities of healing and restoring oneself through words. There is healing power in poetry. It can give us a feeling of restoration and freedom…..Read More

Flawless, Radiant & Wrinkle Free – Thanks to Shea Butter
SkinFD Natural Skin Care Therapy (Author)

Book Description: Un-refined Shea Butter – “Ecologically Sound”, Safe and Natural Way of Taking Care of Your Skin, Joints & Muscles. This book covers my personal experience with Shea Butter, every pertinent fact from Clinical Researches, Chemical Composition, Healing Properties, Anti-aging Properties, Anti-inflammatory….Read More

Men Don’t Come With Manuals – Meaningful Relationship Without Drama
Dana Marshall (Author)

Book Description: It’s Raining Decent Men Whether you are looking for your “Mr Right”, already in a relationship and want to spice it up for a deeper meaningful bond or whether you are looking for solutions to a flagging relationship, there are simple, practical strategies that can help. My love life changed for the better by applying these strategies so if you are honestly serious about improving your love life then you will with the help of the short practical…..Read More

Miracle Uprising
Blair James Steward (Author)

Book Description: A conflict between misdirected anger and a desolate colony at war. Charlie must choose between love, anger, and what is best for him…..Read More

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