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America’s Culture War: 2020 DiVision
Stephen Grant (Author)

Book Description: No matter what anyone tells you, we’re in a war—a culture war. Our morality is at stake, and our children are growing up in a dangerous world. We’re hearing conflicting things online and from the media….Read More

Sword Quest Volume 2: Takanova Pt II (Sword Quest of Enigmatic Souls)
Alex Theriot (Author) | Emubi Artworks (Illustrator)

Book Description: The sword has finally been uprooted by its chosen Heir, opening the floodgates to pandemonium as several groups vie for its power….Read More

Digital Marketing Snacks : Insights & guidelines for becoming better marketers
Ofer Oved (Author)

Book Description: The book “Digital Marketing Snacks” points at the directions we are about to take on each of the five Digital Marketing pillars:…Read More

AtoZ Credit
Brittany Greene (Author)

Book Description: Understanding credit, the tips, and tricks are not as hard as you think……Read More

Paolo Ruggirello (Author)

Book Description: Israeli French born author / teacher Arye Dreyfus has extended his career for long years as an envoy to Africa and Europe. He describes unique people as dissimilar as people can be without condoning or condemning but with an evident empathy…..Read More

Akai – Chapter 0 “How To Become Strong”
Anfernee Robinson (Author)

Book Description: “A boy that was born on a leap year in God’s Garden Society: must embark on a supernatural journey to defeat a curse bestowed to him”

Akai is a young child with high hopes; bound in a society full of undiscovered powers; raised by Grandma in the “Jex” helps him develop a strong will….Read More

My Hormones Hate My Husband
Tiera Haley (Author)

Book Description: My Hormones Hate My Husband is a comedic short story following a day in the life of a woman with PMDD. The main character’s pmdd symptoms are personified as SHE/HER …..Read More

Cuttles: The Tiger Tail Seahorse
Yolanda Guess (Author)

Book Description: One summer day, Cuttles found himself depressed. In an effort to escape the town festivities, Cuttles decided to go to his favorite cave. What he found outside of the cave changed his life forever……Read More

An Author’s View On Book Marketing
Sherrie Lynn (Author)

Book Description: Every author dreams of writing a book that will attract millions of readers’ globally. Book marketing is more complex than most Authors tend to think….Read More

The Myth of Normal (Does anyone believe there is such a thing?) (Commonsense Series Book 2)
R. L. George (Author)

Book Description: Are you normal? That’s a hard question to answer until normality is properly defined, and attempted definitions are in a constant state of flux. Societies evolve, and what was normal decades or centuries ago falls out of sync with each new generation….Read More

Carcinogenic Mind: The Psychosomatic Mechanisms of Cancer. Contribution of chronic stress and emotional attitudes to the onset and recurrence of disease, how to prevent it and help the treatment
Vladislav Matrenitsky MD PhD (Author) | Bernie Siegel MD (Foreword)

Book Description: Read this book and learn how to induce a life and body you can love and which will do its best to keep you alive and healthy.
Bernie Siegel, MD, surgeon-oncologist, psycho-oncologist, Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles; Peace, Love & Healing; The Art of Healing……Read More

Dave Blackwell (Author)

Book Description: Marie, a new detective gets her first case, interviewing a young man that shows up with severe injuries and close to death. Before he collapses, he says he was kidnapped and escaped his captors, killing them….Read More


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