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Arcadia’s Children 3: Pushley’s Escape
Andrew Williams (Author)

Book Description: Arcadia’s Children 3: Pushley’s Escape is the third novel in the Arcadia’s Children series. The other two are: Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge.Arcadia’s Children 2:The Fyfield Plantation. Ed Pushley is an archaeologist, but his mind has been taken over by a spettro that Mick Tarmy dubbed as Irrelevant……Read More

Amateur’s Guide to Brewing Barista Quality Coffee at Home
Edmond Hui (Author)

Book Description: By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll be able to brew café quality coffee from your home. Coffee is a wonderful drink that many people enjoy around the world……Read More

Easy Spanish 4Beginners: Take it Easy, Enjoy the Ride!
Leonardo Martinez Rios (Author)

Book Description: Spanish is a wonderful language that has such deep roots that connect more than 20 countries in the world and more than 550 million people as a native language, the good news is that it is extremely easy to learn if you do it with the correct methodology, that is, practicing in an easy and fun way…..Read More

Morphed: Unlocking Lasting Change
Artis Nelson (Author)

Book Description: Morphed serves as an inspirational tool to awaken the fire of God within you. Throughout this book, Free Man will share his testimony and provide you with practical insight into God’s word…..Read More

Finding Ultimate Motivation: Discover Your Purpose, Harness Your Willpower, And Start Achieving Your Goals
Vegard Hjelmen (Author)

Book Description: Feeling Lost? Get Ready To Find Purpose In Your Life. Learn The Way To Develop Self-Discipline, Build Motivation, And Achieve Your Goals!…..Read More

Make Your Instagram Stand Out Ebook
parakhj (Author)

Book Description: This guidebook offers tips, tricks, and over 15 tools and apps you can use to make your insta pop!…..Read More


Superpower Your Kids! A New Parenting Book + App
Superpower Your Kids! (Author)

Book Description: You would do anything for your kids, right? What if you could do everything for them, in less than 15 minutes a day?……Read More


Oh boy! You’re in trouble….

Book Description: When you feel right in here- inside the heart, right now, that you’ve got to be doing this for the rest of your life, it is your passion and you just can’t fake it. Living in the city of Coimbatore, Ravin Vinayak, who in his early twenties decides to quit a life of a decent living to chase his passion of becoming a story teller, despite the uncertainty in his path. …..Read More

Become Brilliant: Roadmap From Fear to Courage
Shiran Cohen (Author)

Book Description: We all deal with fear and anxiety in our lives, but many people are unaware of how fear and anxiety affect and sometimes even manage their lives. Have you ever asked yourself, “How much has my fear cost me?” Think about it…….Read More

HYPHENED-NATION: Don’t Check the Box
Nicole Draffen (Author)

Book Description: Hyphened-Nation was inspired by my travels overseas, and time spent living in the United Kingdom. Living abroad was an eye opening experience, I grew to understand certain aspects of American culture better, the longer I lived overseas…..Read More

Get Hired Guarantee: Yesterday’s Job Search Won’t Find Today’s Dream Job
Ben Davidson (Author)

Book Description: This job search book is unlike any other. It gives you a money back guarantee to land your dream job. It guides you through your own job search step by step using worksheets, scripts, and resources. Best of all, it doesn’t give the same old advice you’ve heard before. This modern approach uses proven business to business (B2B) marketing concepts. That way you’ll be selling yourself to businesses the way they already make important purchasing decisions, like buying software or in your case, hiring new …..Read More

Specially For Noteboo King: Lined Notebook With Funny Motivational Message Cover That Will Bring Positive Emotions For You, Your Co-Workers, Colleagues, Friends And Family
Notez Design (Author)

Book Description: This notebook is perfect for work, business, travel or your day to day notes and compositions…..Read More

Travels With Abraham: Learn to Manifest a Life You Love
Sandi Phillips Meyler (Author)

Book Description: Can’t figure out how to make the Law of Attraction work for you? Your life is about to change! TRAVELS WITH ABRAHAM, by renowned Deliberate Creation Life Coach Sandi Phillips Meyler, shares first-hand experiences and life lessons from her eight years as part of the Abraham-Hicks road crew…..Read More

An Unexpected Trip
Summer Rose (Author)

Book Description: Samantha Wilson was long overdue for a vacation. She had put in extra-long hours in hopes to become a partner with her firm. When she manages to close out a lucrative deal with a client, she earns a huge bonus. She decides all work and no play makes for a dull girl and decides to go on vacation…..Read More

Rough Guide To Planet Earth: Volume 1
Stewart Gatsi (Author)

Book Description: Rough Guide To Planet Earth offers a thrillingly suspenseful, and at times humorous glimpse into travel, and living in four different continents, as a person of color. This is a no holds barred memoir meets suspenseful travel adventure……Read More

The Other Side of Vine Street
Estralia Russelle (Author)

Book Description: A young woman, An unfair father, A pair of spoil siblings, And a shrouded secret, Meet, Anora, a talented young woman who saw the demise of her beloved grandparents few months ago. The subject of abuse from her father, Anora is pursuing an advance degree…….Read More

How To Become Motivated In A Coronavirus Pandemic: The Magic Of Uncertainty
Darryl Bumpass Sr (Author)

Book Description: How To Become Motivated in a Coronavirus Pandemic The Magic of Uncertainty Bestselling author, self investment speaker, and certified life and motivation coach Darryl Bumpass Sr cuts through the uncertainty of living during a global Coronavirus Pandemic….Read More

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