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Dave Blackwell (Author)

Book Description: Marie, a new detective gets her first case, interviewing a young man that shows up with severe injuries and close to death. Before he collapses, he says he was kidnapped and escaped his captors, killing them….Read More

God’s Secret: The Cry of the Millennials Fast Your Way to Spiritual Truth and Freedom
Bobby Sky (Author)

Book Description: It’s a quiet night as the moonlight from the cloudless sky hits the soft sand of the empty baseball field. The field is located across the street from the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter in McKinney, Texas, the breeze is cool and gentle. He walks away from the Inn toward the field, expecting…….Read More

The Coca-Cola Trail: People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola
Larry Jorgensen (Author)

Book Description: The Coca-Cola Trail: People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola….Read More

The 9 Keys: Messages From the Spirit Guides to Unlock Your Life and Awaken Your Soul (Riz Mirza Channeling Series)
Riz Mirza (Author) | Oriah Mirza (Author)

Book Description: Who are the Spirit Guides? Throughout history, in all cultures and traditions, Spirit Guides have been described as the keepers of Universal wisdom. Now, these teachings are in your hands. Riz Mirza, considered one of the greatest trance channels of our time..Read More

A Very Beary Christmas (The Ornamental Match Maker Book 22)
Danni Roan (Author)

Book Description: The Jimenez family has had a difficult relationship with Christmas ever since their parents were lost in a terrible accident. Now years later, the youngest tries to capture the essence of the holiday through her inspired winter landscapes…..Read More

The Sin Eater
Jack Maro (Author)

Book Description: An unconventional rabble-rousing lawyer is gone. Suspended from an elite firm for the extreme behavior he performed on behalf of his clients, he has now departed with the intent of keeping his whereabouts unknown….Read More

Ivy Keating (Author) | Scott Spotson (Author)

Book Description: A missing man, a new police chief and an unexpected New England town mystery.

When Sean Dermott, the newly appointed police chief, sees the report that a popular local high school coach is missing, his growing fascination with the alluring Vanessa Strauss, who reported the disappearance, makes him determined to solve the case….Read More

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How to Restaurant
VFR (Author)

Book Description: How to Restaurant is a unique How-To experience brought to you by author and restaurant consultant VFR. How to Restaurant is the official 21st Century handbook and step by step guide for employees, managers, and business owners, helping them excel and create a better experience for each other and the customer……Read More

How to Grow Your Own Garden Flowers 101: A Step-by-Step Guide
Camille Romes (Author)

Book Description: Flowers are among some of the most beautiful things that nature has given us. There are thousands of different colors, shapes and forms and many of them bring with them the added benefit of a beautiful perfume. Learning to grow your own flowers is working in harmony with nature and there can be few things in life more rewarding……Read More

One For Sorrow
Nicole Tallow (Author)

Book Description: A short collection of poetry about working whilst struggling with anxiety and depression……Read More

Healing After Loss Daily Meditations: How To Deal With Grief
Stacy Einstein (Author)

Book Description: A guide on how to deal with grief – healing after loss daily meditations “(in Turbulent Times)”

I know that many people will be looking for answers, and it’s vital to me that I am able to give answers to those questions, as I have been exactly where you are standing and went through the process of grief ….Read More

TCI : Rise
Kretzge (Author)

Book Description: A decade after the infamous Alavite invasion of his home planet and his people’s subsequent imprisonment, Jakob Koss finds himself in the unenviable position of being among the last living Draekons left in the galaxy……Read More

What Happens Next Changes Everything
Harley Hanson (Author)

Book Description: One book that could simply change everything for you!
Most of us have read self-help books or studied the law of attraction but not many of us ever really get any real sustainable results….Read More

Simone Faith (Author)

Book Description: Bloopy is a fun, educational, and smart friend. Bloopy teaches your little one all about numbers, letters, and words. Come explore and be part of his magical world and join him on all his adventures!

Parents, you’re invited too……Read More

Modern Dream Dictionary: The Ultimate Guide to Dream Interpretation: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings
Edward Schellhammer (Author)

Book Description: Golden treasure trove: images, symbols, archetypes, symbolic acts and events, locations, individual themes, elements and scenes, peculiarities of representation, dream examples and interpretation. 3,000 images, symbols, archetypes, symbolic acts, events, locations, individual themes, elements and scenes. Peculiarities of presentation, dream examples and interpretation…..Read More


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