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Impending Recession: How to Escape 9-5 Rat Race to Follow Your Dreams
Sajid Inayat (Author)

Book Description: In a world that quickly sinks into a new global recession, the majority is doomed to misery. However, those prepared will make millions – just like we did the last time it happened. And now, you are about to learn how we do it….Read More

HOW TO MAKE OMANI BARBECUE AT HOME: How to make barbecue grill charcoal at home in easy way with barbecue sauce

Book Description: In this book, I’m going to present to you the easiest way to make the barbeque in traditional Omani style which has been inherited from our ancestors and is still continuing even today. It is written in a very simple way so that anyone can read and follow it easily, whatever maybe your experience in cooking….Read More

Pierre Rehov(Author) | Andreea Lavic (Translator)

Book Description: “Does it strike you as possible to accept a transfer representing a very substantial promotion without anyone except your immediate family knowing about it?” By signing a contract for a new life, Theo expects anything but to find himself at the heart of a top-secret organization whose goal is to eradicate terrorism using the same methods as Daesh or Al Qaeda…..Read More

The Jossman Method: Conquering Life’s Transitions
Travis Neville (Author)

Book Description: Travis Neville is just your average Joe. He has both wildly succeeded in life and gone down in spectacular flames, but the ups and downs have made for a memorable, lesson-filled journey. While rebuilding his life from scratch after being divorced and losing his career and home, Travis created a personalized method to ensure happiness…Read More

How To Retire Happy and Debt Free: The Best Tips to Follow for Happiness and Financial Freedom as You Look Forward to Retirement
Sandra L. Wellington (Author)

Book Description: Are you struggling with debt? Do you wish to reduce it and not take it forward when you retire? If so, then this is the book for you. Retirement is a phase of life where people are already going through emotional turmoil. Adding the financial burden of debt will not only make your apprehensive but will make it impossible for you to control the budget…….Read More

Coco & Mumu: Big Brain Adventure
Carina Castro Fumero M.Sc. (Author)

Book Description: Blast off with Coco and Mumu as they travel through space in their cardboard rocket ship, learning lessons from every planet they visit! The friends meet turtles, bulls, hippos, gorillas, and brains on their interplanetary search for playmates…….Read More

Zandra Clerizier (Author)

Book Description: A lot of people go through life, hurt by others, situations or addicted to substances. They are looking for help and someone to follow. Trying to save and deliver yourself, is like a fish removing his own scales. With our own power, we cannot achieve what we are looking for. ….Read More

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