The Far Haven Treasury

The Far Haven Treasury: A Windflower Saga Collection
Aleksandra Layland (Author)
( 1+ Reviews)

“The Far Haven Treasury” by Aleksandra Layland is perfect for any reader of historical fiction, fantasy, adventure, and war as this collection of tales spans across all points while following a noble lineage. This is a continuation of the epic Windflower Saga Trilogy, right along with clever short novellas that take place in the same world. Every read is an incredible journey. Contained within the pages of “The Far Haven Treasury” is not only the third part of Layland’s uplifting fantasy adventure trilogy, “The Windflower Saga”, but three related novellas including “Albina”, “Courage of Ansgar”, and the second half of “Swords of Ansgar”. Seeped in the idea of wishing to connect with one’s own culture when having part of that thought to be gone forever, these tales pull the reader in by the heart and do not let go.

Realistic conflict in Kimbria is embraced by vivid imagery throughout all of “The Windflower Saga” and “The Far Haven Treasury”. Aleksandra Layland stuns once again with “The Far Haven Treasury” with remarkable skill in prose and description. The nature of the narrative in previous works is one that stretches through and across generations of the descendents of the Ansgar Kingdom, and this collection is no exception. That being said, this treasury firmly stands on its own, and even includes stories meant for a younger audience as well.

Every piece of the Windflower Saga puzzle fits brilliantly together within Layland’s expansive epic fantasy world. The intricately layered nature of the narrative within this expansive series leads to new aspects and details found with each read. As such, this is a treasury and a series that begs to be reread again and again. Due to all of this, “The Far Haven Treasury” by Aleksandra Layland, like the other books in the series, far exceeds expectations of the genre and comes highly recommended for purchase. – Reviews

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The Far Haven Treasury
Aleksandra Layland (Author)
ASIN: 1544196288

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