Watching From Within

Watching From Within
Daniel LaMonte (Author)
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Watching From Within is set long into a future where thoughts are as physically powerful as deeds. Winding throughout this exciting, time-sliced tale of science fantasy, is a touching love story, a dramatic, high-tech murder investigation and a captivating account of a sect of dreadful zealots, a tech-adverse militia, dead set against the advancement of nanotechnology regardless of its benefit to humankind. In the center of each illusionary, seemingly magic-filled stream, is Dr. Jesse Baine, a young assistant research professor at New Harbor University, caught up in a chaotic nightmare from which he struggles to awaken. He is the kaleidoscopic mind behind the next major stride in the evolution of human technological achievement– whether he knows it or not!

Most innovation of humanity began in the depths of kaleidoscopic minds. Whether by innate or induced madness, the genius of multi-dimensional thinking, seemingly illusionary to most, allowed our world’s greatest creators to challenge the constraints placed upon them by the leaders of their day. Long before the mainstream understood the slow but steady progression of modern scientific discovery, popular opinion deemed such innovators to be lunatics. In waves of apparent insanity, such gifted ones had the audacity to question not only whether a thing was achievable but whether the norms of the day should be challenged in its wake. Then, moving forward with a leap of faith, these great conquerors of human sightlessness brought their visions of future capacities to light.

Such are the chaotic yet brilliant paths of the characters found in the novel Watching From Within. Fictional pioneers in the field of nanoscale science lay a foundation for a world that few dwelling within it can comprehend. The illusionary tale questions the ethics of human implantation and extreme surveillance using microscopic machines while concurrently examining whether populist beliefs or scientific minds know best. What happens when invention is met by a culture unprepared to debate the moral ramifications of its use? Activism and anarchy surface from the shadowy depths of ignorance. Secrets and coercion hide in plain view.


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Watching From Within
Daniel LaMonte (Author)

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