The Devil Take Tomorrow

The Devil Take Tomorrow
Gretchen Jeannette (Author)
( 31+ Reviews )

Fiction becomes believable and fascinating in this poignant story by Gretchen Jeannette. Fans of historical fiction, romance, and war, especially adults and older teens, will love reading “The Devil Take Tomorrow”, as the author seamlessly weaves a riveting tale of love, drama, and the revolutionary era.

The story is realistic and grounded in actual reality, yet nothing about this tale is predicable. Instead, Gretchen Jeannette’s writing in “The Devil Take Tomorrow” will keep readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation as each page is turned.

With a letter of grave warning from the very start, the audience is thrown right into the world of this story, feeling very much a part of the action surrounding the characters. This only serves to make the tale more compelling and the story even more engrossing, as the reader is drawn in, wishing to learn more. The development of each character moves naturally as the story heightens in drama and magnitude, and continues throughout every conflict along the way.

A backdrop of the Revolutionary War serves to highlight the intensity of the tale right from the first scene down to the final page. Vivid descriptions rich with detail add spice to the already intriguing narrative. The characters are deeply interesting, and find themselves imbedded in a world well painted by Gretchen Jeannette’s written voice. Each character is passionate, no matter if their motives are selfish or selfless, and this lends an authenticity to the story as a whole. While there are certainly twists and turns guaranteed to feed a reader’s excitement, this story is surprisingly easy to follow and quick to read. Gretchen Jeannette’s writing goes far and beyond expectations in “The Devil Take Tomorrow”, and is thoroughly entertaining. Due to all of this, “The Devil Take Tomorrow” comes recommended for purchase as well as sharing with family and friends. – Reviews

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The Devil Take Tomorrow
Gretchen Jeannette
ASIN: 1497392934

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