GBT Featured Book Review: Hello, Agnieszka! by E Journey

Hello, Agnieszka!
E Journey (Author)
( 3+ Reviews )

Evy Journey has woven an intricate, heart-wrenching coming-of-age story about family and love with HELLO, AGNIESZKA!

The sequel to HELLO, MY LOVE!, this novel continues the story of a family who is shaken by the eldest son’s suicide attempt. In order to explain this unexpected event, Agnieszka, or Agnes, must bare her life and soul to her other children. Agnes mainly narrates the story. Her early childhood days are peaceful and routine, spent with her down-to-earth parents. But her life changes when her Great Aunt Jola arrives. Aunt Jola, who was a talented and sought-after pianist in Poland in her prime days, became an ordinary woman upon immigrating to America for a safer future. Lonely and longing for her dashed dreams, Jola treats Agnes as her own and hones Agnes’ talent in music. While this brings Agnes great joy, tensions between Aunt Jola and Agnes’ mother eventually arise. It’s a good thing Agnes has her boyfriend and first love to turn to.

What follows is an enthralling story about family and love. Prepare to be swept away on a moving, poignant journey through the life of the daughter of Polish immigrants who struggled with stoic, strict parents, a free-spirited aunt and experienced the thrill of first love. Journey has woven a beautiful narrative filled with complex relationships and interactions between women – aunts, mothers, and daughters. The men are not left out, as Agnes relationship with her father is developed throughout the book. Accompanying the compelling narrative is moving, magical description of music and its effect on the mind and soul.

Readers will delight in the unique voice of this novel, page-turning plot and sympathetic characters anyone can relate to. Be warned, as HELLO, AGNIESZKA! may inspire tears. – Reviews

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Hello, Agnieszka!
E Journey (Author)

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