Click Date Repeat by K. Farnham

Click. Date. Repeat.
K. Farnham (Author)

“Click. Date. Repeat.” is a refreshing and fun foray by debut author K. J. Farnham into the blossoming world of online dating. Based on the author’s personal experiences with online dating – of which led to her finding her soul mate – “Click. Date. Repeat.” hilariously shows how it is possible to find Mr. Right, as long as you don’t give up. Readers hoping to find valuable insight into the mysterious waters of online dating will not be disappointed.

Farnham has woven quirky humor with an engaging plot into a fast-paced read that women will devour in a heartbeat. This novel chronicles lovable main character Chloe Thompson’s journey into online dating, her hits and misses, and her inner struggles with what she is looking for in the one. Along the way she goes on bad dates, has casual flings, tries to shake off an ex who won’t let go, juggles several online candidates, attempts repeatedly to convince her mother that breaking up with her ex was not a bad idea, and battles with her own conflicting emotions about a certain someone. Are we going too fast? Too slow? Should we become exclusive? And more importantly: Is he the one, or is he not? Chloe’s journey represents one that all women have experienced in a satirical way. It isn’t all satire in this novel, though. There is also simmering romance that’ll make readers blush, swoon, and daydream about the romances in their youth.

Besides poking fun at online dating, “Click. Date. Repeat.” is entertaining and a definite page-turner because readers will clamor to learn more about lovable Chloe’s life. Readers will enjoy reflecting on the search for a lifetime partner in a humorous light and cheer Chloe on her route to happiness. Written in a fresh, original voice and peppered with good humor, this novel is a wonderful debut for promising author K. J. Farnham. – Reviews

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Click. Date. Repeat.
K. Farnham

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