A Place Called Lucat

A Place Called Lucat
Bob Aubin (Author)
( 11+ Reviews )

Taking place in France during WWII, “A Place Called Lucat” will absolutely appeal to fans of history, war stories, drama, suspense, WWII stories, heritage, and so on. The nature of family, inheritance, and sins of the father are explored throughout the tale, taking it on unique and engrossing turns.

The concepts of betrayal, vengeance, and justice are analyzed and scrutinized by the characters the audience meets as the tale goes deeper and the reader sees just how dubious people can be. One particularly interesting aspect about “A Place Called Lucat” is the narration. As the story goes on, parts are told through the voices of a few different characters, giving it a very personal touch. Bob Aubin changes the voice from one to another in a way that is easy to follow and not off-putting. The characters are all fully developed and well rounded, so the reader has no problem following along and hearing the separate voice of each person. The sole survivor is of course one of the narrators, and finds himself entwined in various ways in the lives of others around him.

A key point throughout the story is that everyone has some kind of impact on the people around him or her through actions, even if the parties involved have never met. The characters are realistic enough that a reader may feel as though he or she knows them personally by the end of the book. The descriptions encased within are vivid and flowing, wrapping gorgeously around the tale itself. Fast paced yet crossing three generations in one book, Bob Aubin has expertly crafted a tale that pulls the reader in right away. The reader will find curiosity is sated little by little, building to a brilliant conclusion. Pain gives way to healing in this inspiring tale of France in WWII. “A Place Called Lucat” far exceeds expectations and merits a place on any bookshelf. – GoodbooksToday.com Reviews

A Place Called Lucat
Bob Aubin
ASIN: 1497392934

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