The Investor

The Investor
Paul Ho (Author)

Everyone has felt out of place at one point or another, and while some may accept their lot in life, others push forward to discover the truth about whom they really are. This is the journey at the heart of Paul C. Ho’s brilliant work, “The Investor”. Fans of stories about clashing cultures, coming of age tales, and spiritual quests will love this thought provoking adventure. The culture around him is changing, and so Suluk takes the opportunity to venture forward into change himself, both in profession and in life. The audience will feel deeply for Suluk James as he moves between familiar and strange territory, both spiritually and physically, discovering his true nature along the way. To take a step back, and three steps forward in a new direction to figure out what a person truly needs, is challenging as much as it is exciting for the audience right along with Suluk himself.

Paul C. Ho’s descriptions are rich in detail. This pertains to the scenery just as much as the cultures presented in “The Investor”, and the differences therein. The prose in this tale is equally bursting with splendor beyond that, and readers will find themselves traveling and struggling in the Arctic right alongside the hero of this tale. Ho has written this story in a way that allows the audience to understand exactly where Suluk is coming from, which permits the reader to honestly empathize. It is easy to connect with Suluk through both his hardships and his triumphs as “The Investor” plays out.

“The Investor” by Paul C. Ho is an inspirational medley of self discovery, growth of the human spirit, and great story telling. This comes highly recommended for purchase, as this work far exceeds expectations in heartwarming prose and storytelling. As the dedication states, this book is “For those who feel they don’t belong” and that could be everyone.

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The Investor
Paul Ho (Author)

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