Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle FamilyWhether one has a love for digital reading devices or old fashioned books, any avid reader will want to check out the new Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle Fire HD comes in both a 7” version and an 8.9” version. They are priced at $199 and $299 respectively, with the Kindle Fire HD 4G going at $499.

With special offers, the Kindle Paperwhite is only $119, and without those offers, it is still only $139. The Kindle Paperwhite 3G is $179. This is a great deal, given all of the great, innovative features that come with this product. They are all sleek, slender products, which are easy to hold. The screen of the Kindle Fire HD is slightly larger at 7”, as opposed to the Paperwhite at 6”, and is also heavier, but still not cumbersome.

  Kindle Paperwhite Patented Built-in Light Technology

For the Paperwhite, the light is built-in, so everything read is illuminated evenly across the screen, and 62% more pixels means better resolution, regardless of the readers actual lighting condition. The brightness is fully adjustable. Everything is illuminated and clear, with no glare. This edition has a contrast 25% better than other versions, which lends for sharper, darker text, and is thus easier on the eyes in that way as well. The fonts are hand-tuned and have a feature that allows for adjustable font sizes.


 The Kindle Fire sports LCD for display technology, and the Kindle Fire HD is thus HD LCD. The Kindle Fire HD works with a ten point multi-touch, and the Paperwhite responds to a two point multi-touch.

These gadgets are great for on the go reading, at the beach, or even just in bed. With no glare and no harsh backlight, this soft, even glow is easy to take around. No plug around will not be a problem because the Kindle Paperwhite has a battery life of 8 weeks. The reader won’t need to worry about running out of space either, as this holds up to 1,100 books, and new titles can be downloaded in under a minute with built-in Wi-Fi. 180,000 titles are Kindle-exclusives, including works by classic, best selling authors.

There is a Kindle Owners’ Lending Library available with Amazon Prime, for those readers who wish to borrow a title for free with no due dates. A smart new feature processes the reader’s general speed, in order to calculate when the reader will be done reading a chapter. Also, there are no parental controls, and children’s books are supported. The “special offers” are an interesting feature for the Kindle Paperwhite version. The offers appear as part of the screensaver, and thus do not interrupt the reading experience.

The 8.9” Kindle Fire HD is about $200 less expensive than the Apple iPad, when only with Wi-Fi, it has the same amount of storage, it’s a bit lighter, and only a slightly lower amount of pixels per inch. Both sport Bluetooth. The Kindle Fire HD is simply a lower cost alternative for the essentially the same product. The 7.0” Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Paperwhite are now on sale at Amazon. The 8.9” Kindle HD is available for pre-order at Amazon and the expected ship date is November 20th. –