A Devil of a Time

A Devil of a Time
Gretchen Jeannette (Author)
( 21+ Reviews )

Young adult and older fans of American history, historical fiction, romance, and war, will find “A Devil of a Time” by Gretchen Jeannette compelling and more intriguing with every turn of the page. Staged during the Revolutionary War, the excitement builds in this riveting follow up to “The Devil Take Tomorrow”, with brilliant story telling and believable characters. This is adventure at the finest level, wrapped up in a history lesson one will not soon forget.

With all the twists and turns, Jeannette’s writing is incredibly gripping. The reader will behold as love attempts to find a way, and good and evil face off once again. Yet, with all of the fantastic imagery and the well-woven story, the air of realism is never lost. Instead, the tale is well grounded in true to life emotions and events during this tremendously important time of change in the past. Logically, those aware of the tales of yesteryear would have some sense of the ending, and yet, this story goes so far beyond expectations that it does not cease to be suspenseful and thrilling.

The history involved is well researched, the characters are interesting and complex, and the details Jeannette uses to permeate every inch of the book makes for a rich story, building off of the book before it with elegance. Audiences will find themselves drawn to the hero, and interest will be peaked by the Revolutionary War as it is shown. The story is one of dramatic times and passionate people exploding into an action filled tale to be remembered. “A Devil of a Time” is unpredictable and satisfying, with a setting gorgeously painted by Gretchen Jeannette’s writing style. Despite the complexity of the storytelling, the book is easy to read and intellectually absorb, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Gretchen Jeannette’s “A Devil of a Time” goes well beyond expectation, giving the reader a brilliant imagining of romance and battle right alongside a detailed historical tale. “A Devil of a Time” therefore comes recommended for purchase. A title such as Gretchen Jeannette’s belongs on the reader’s home bookshelf, and in the hands of friends to be discussed and read again. – GoodbooksToday.com Reviews

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A Devil of a Time
Gretchen Jeannette
ASIN: 1502990865

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