Legend of Sumeria Life Blood DNA

Legend of Sumeria: Life · Blood · DNA
Jay Webb (Author)

When our society is governed by genetics, and the universal genome is in danger of extinction…whose code can lead us to survival?

Legend of Sumeria interweaves emotional storylines, vivid artwork, and technical sketches to draw the reader into a complicated web of human drama and scientific intrigue. #Followthesymbol

Life· Blood · DNA is the first volume in the hard science fiction trilogy created by Jay Webb and Biju Parekkadan, PhD. The science-art collaboration features a space colonization story, a search for mysterious symbol, and future genetic technologies that will test your definition of ethics.

The fascinating integration of human genetics into everyday society raises questions of humanity, spirituality, and the bonds of love. The machinations of a powerful biotech company which
launches SEQ (pronounced ‘seek’), the first social network to integrate genetics into the fabric of society and e-commerce, drop the reader into an eerily feasible future. “It’s not just the next internet, it’s life by your own code,” reads one SEQ tag line.

An unethical experiment activates a “cancer” gene that alters human evolution forever. It may be more than just human evolution that is in danger when Tessa Jones shepherds a space expedition that encounters a fascinating tribe of extraterrestrial “silverbacks” that lead a nomadic, subsistent life contrary to human society. A professor of biomedical engineering who was awarded a Presidential Early Career Scientist Award by President Obama, Parekkadan’s scientific expertise lends authenticity to the real science sketches throughout Legend of Sumeria while Webb’s film-making background is evidenced in the superb world building that will absorb sci-fi fans.

Legend of Sumeria: Life · Blood · DNA
Jay Webb (Author)
ASIN: 0999819518

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