Justify Thin by Renae Da Grava

GBT Featured Book Review: Justify Thin
Renae Da Grava (Author)
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Renae Da Grava fills an important niche with Justify Thin, by allowing the reader to find a comfortable and maintainable lifestyle change to help feel healthier. Justify Thin is different than other books about losing weight, because the emphasis is not on fad diets.

Instead, the book is a guide and acts as a kind of personal guru when it comes to being healthy for you. By looking into the reader’s habits and mindset, the audience knows what should change and how to go about taking that change to the next level. Overall differences in lifestyle and in attitude make the changes easier to permanently incorporate into his or her life.

Fad diets and unreasonable exercise routines that may not be a one-size-fits-all are harder to maintain because the body naturally wants to fight against and struggle with things, which do not come easily. Getting in the right mindset is key either way, which is where the justifying of the title comes in. This is explained early on, right on the first page, where Renae Da Grava goes from mysterious, far away author, to personal guru. This is someone who has experiences the trials first hand, and is willing to share those experiences with others.

The activities are easy to follow, and can be repeated as needed. They challenge the audience to really think about how they live and what could be changed in order to live a better life. The reader may want to take notes in order to formulate his or her own plan and keep to it. The author is honest and direct without being preachy, and so anyone could learn from this book. Readers who are looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, or simply figure out what might make them feel better should have a copy of Renae Da Grava’s Justify Thin in their personal library. – GoodbooksToday.com Reviews

Justify Thin
Renae Da Grava (Author)

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