GBT Featured Book Review: How to Write a Book in 30 Days or Less
Fred Gleeck (Author)
( 5+ Reviews )

How to Write a Book in 30 Days or Less

There are many reason to write a book, a burning desire, expertise, money, satisfaction…writing a book could be an excellent opportunity in so many ways. As Gleeck, states, don’t let perfectionism stand in your way of writing a book . Some first tips: Use your motivation, and find a place to work (it could be a comfortable place or it could be a place you hate, forcing you to get the job done!).

Get organized! Gleeck suggests brainstoring on your topic, and then “brain-dumping” the topics, using index cards. That’s right, index cards! It is a simple and useful method.

Place your ideas on index cards, probably many, many index cards. Then, collect similar ideas in piles (that will become chapters), and weed out repetitive ideas. Put the similar ideas,on your index cards, in logical order. Then pick up a card in a pile and start writing “whatever is necessary to explain the concept fully and completely” (Gleeck, How to Write a Book…).

You may have ten piles, or more (Gleeck gives an example of ten piles), and then Gleeck suggests three additional piles.., the intro., the conclusion, and the resources piles. Gleeck mentions some really great websites. He also shares thoughts about using a “ghostwriter” to write your book (if you have more money than time), self-publishing, and even creating a book cover, at the beginning of the writing process, to keep you focused and inspired. Writing website suggestions include, websites to market your information, to mentor you in the writing process, to assist you with your writing if you’ve reached impasse, and a website where one can “spy” on your “competition”, to see …”what they are doing”, and use it to your advantage. Gleck’s clear vision of writing is commendable in this guide. It is a good short read, concise and focused, with some great resource suggestions. – Reviews

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How to Write a Book in 30 Days or Less
Fred Gleeck (Author)

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