Growl (Elaine Pierson)

By Judy A. Kessinger Contributor

The character Lacey in this story feels different from everyone because she has the ability to move things when she is angered, hurt, etc. She doesn’t know how she can do this, just that she can and she uses this ability to get others attention when she feels out of control in her life. Her mother doesn’t seem to have any sympathy for her and her real father has not been in the picture for a long time. So Lacey has to deal with her mother and stepfather in the best way she knows how when they confront her about things that happen because she uses her ability.

As a result of her stepfather wanting to send her back to the hospital where Lacey does not want to go because they try anything to find out how and why she can do what she does, Lacey finally….Read More

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