Evitable Destiny

Evitable Destiny
Izabela Monick (Author)
( 16+ Reviews )

“Full of twists and turns, this tale of revenge and romance for adult and young adult readers is filled to the brim with action and suspense that will shock and charm its way into a special spot on any book lover’s shelf. “Evitable Destiny” by Izabela Monick is a joy to read and is nearly impossible to put down once opened. It is stimulating to guess what may happen next to each character, right along with how everyone will interact in the tale, as the story unfolds for each of them right in front of the reader. The audience has a chance to get to know the characters naturally, as they grow and develop throughout the course of the story. The passion is palpable.

The reader understands where the characters are coming from and why decisions are being made because they are so relatable. The audience is right there for the action, there is a palpable feeling of intensity that give the impression to the reader of being more involved than simply looking at words on the page. Every aspect adds to the overall strength of the story, believable and solid in both characterization and vivid description throughout. There is plenty of room for delving into every nook of the world Monick has put before the reader.

This book is a unique and layered read, in that the main character is not just battling a villain in a strict sense, but also struggling against the very concept of intimacy and vulnerability, all while seeking vengeance for wrongs done to his family. No one in this story is all good or bad, making the characters complex and realistic. Each person has an incredible depth, which lets them interact and react to each other in beautifully involved ways. Erotic, moving, and often intense, Evitable Destiny by Izabela Monick comes highly recommended for purchase, in order to be read again and again for years to come. – GoodbooksToday.com Reviews

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Evitable Destiny
Izabela Monick

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