Earthstar: The Secret Under The Rainbow by R.J. Norman

Book of the Week: Earthstar: The Secret Under The Rainbow
R.J. Norman (Author)

The Secret Under The Rainbow

The Institute of Space Studies and Advancement built small gated towns around the world; These towns were said to be research facilities. The inhabitants of these towns were the best minds in the world including young geniuses recruited from around the globe. Polaris Town, Tennessee was one of these towns. The Explorers Club, led by Nicholas Andropolus Cruz II were the smartest and most mischievous students recruited by the I.S.S.A. Life was perfect until The Explorers learn that their friends are mysteriously disappearing and other families are taking their friends places.

The Explorers Club decides to investigate and learn that they are part of a secret but dangerous project called The Secret Under the Rainbow. The I.S.S.A and the inhabitants of an alien planet called Canicula are uniting to build a new world inhabited by super beings. A saboteur ruins their plans and puts three worlds in inevitable danger. The Explorers race against time to save the three worlds from nuclear disasters and an untimely demise.

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Earthstar: The Secret Under The Rainbow
R.J. Norman (Author)
ISBN: 978-0615758886

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