Doomsday Diaries I by Aaron Powell

Featured Book Review: Doomsday Diaries I
Aaron Powell (Author)

Aaron Powell’s Doomsday Diaries I is about Luke, a 13 year old boy who flees to a bomb shelter with his parents after a large scale nuclear attack has annihilated the Earth. Luke and his parents stay down there for four years, during which he learns weaponry usage, physical exercise, physics and other subjects that Lukes father feels his son needs to survive in the post-apocalyptic wilderness that is the Earth. Luke’s father had no idea how right he would be. Powell’s book will appeal to both science fiction fans and lovers of action-adventure stories.

In the year 2024, Luke was just your average home schooled thirteen year old. When his father gets wind of a worldwide nuclear attack, he has his wife come home, where the whole family quickly prepares to have their lives turned upside down in the midst of world annihilation. They arrive at their bomb shelter, where Luke and his parents quickly adapt to life in an underground bunker. When radios in the bunker pick up the frequency of some soldiers on a mission, the curiosity gets the better of Lukes family. They soon meet up with a Mr. Winthrop, who tells them about a New World Order that has been pulling the strings of the Earths most powerful figures for centuries. Luke and his parents are then separated. It is when Luke goes to a shelter for kids his own age that he meets Kara, a beautiful young woman who is sticking to her morals despite the sexually charged mission of the department to which they’ve been assigned.

Luke eventually escapes, but vows to come back for his love Kara and to find his parents. An interesting theme that runs throughout the book is adolescent sexuality, specifically societys role in shaping the sexual maturity of its young people. This takes place as Luke’s parents teach him to be a loving and sexually responsible adult and goes all the way to the shelter/prison, where sex is in the face of its occupants 24/7. This theme is at times treated with a light, humorous touch, and then develops into something more dystopian.

Powell’s book is in a diary format, which really brings the reader deep into the recesses of Luke’s mind as he lives life underground, fights armed soldiers and emotionally connects with a young woman for the first time. The depth of the characters are such that you will end up rooting for either the bad guys to get their comeuppance or for Luke, Kara and his parents to all have their happy endings. If you’re looking for a thrill ride of a book that gives a haunting portrait of a post-apocalyptic world and has all the action and adventure that you crave in your movies, then Doomsday Diaries I should be the next book on your must read list! Aaron Powell is an author to be watched, as his exciting, entertaining books should be in the hands of more readers.

Doomsday Diaries I
Aaron Powell (Author)
ISBN: 1478101741

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