Book News (Seattle): Deb Dawson Psychic & Spiritualist by Keith McCabe

Book News (Seattle)

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Deb Dawson owns a little psychic shop in Hilmont, New Jersey where she performs tarot readings for her living clients during the day and communicates with the dead at night. She encounters the ghost of a woman who leads Deb to where a deadly ritual was performed. Madeline Hall is a witch who has joined a coven, and finds herself on the verge of a breakdown. The grave of her coven’s former high priestess has been vandalized, and Madeline learns the problem is more widespread than she thought. Together, Deb and Madeline find themselves trapped between murderous magic and a sweeping police investigation. As dangerous forces draw near, they are forced to retreat in search of guidance before coming face to face with a ruthless and conniving killer.

Deb Dawson Psychic & Spiritualist is a horror/thriller by Keith McCabe that explores the realms between witchcraft and magic, faith and humanity, where the divides between the living and the dead grow perilously thin in the face of ultimate evil.

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