James Kaylon McIntyre (Author)

Book Description: This novel looks into the soul of a con-man turned kidnapper. When the wife of a Casino Owner returned to her plush home in a Las Vegas Country Club, two masked men took pictures of her in the nude, abducted her and held her for 2.5 million in ransom. Motivated solely by greed and a burning desire to own one of the fastest, most expensive sports cars on the road. The main character is a former carnival entertainer who wanted it all and would let nothing stand in the way of him getting the luxury car that he deserved.

This fictional account is based on actual events that took place in Las Vegas but were kept out of the media spotlight. Unable to read or write, this illiterate con man probably would never have been caught were it not for the amateurish mistakes he made along the way. The story has a surprise ending with a twist that is interesting and exciting reading. I knew the kidnapper for over 15 years and had no idea he was capable of kidnapping someone for a multi-million dollar ransom… and getting away with it.

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