Featured Book Review: Energy Vampires: How to Deal With Negative People
Jennifer O’Neill (Author)

Energy Vampires: How to Deal with Negative People is an innovative non-fiction book written by spiritual teacher, Jennifer O’Neill to help people that feel physically drained after dealing with others identify the problem and recharge their energy, or block the negativity before it depletes their reserves.O’Neill opens by explaining just what an energy vampire is and why such a negative person cannot replenish his or her own life-force, but must suck the energy radiating from those around them. She explains how to recognize the effects and repel the attack as well as understand why you may be experiencing such feelings in the first place. ONeill continues with an in-depth explanation of empathy and identifying the trait within yourself.

She follows up with directions on how to protect yourself and accept your ability for what it is-a physic sense that is often awakened when ones spiritual body also begins to awaken. Detailed instructions on how to spot an energy vampire and how to identify the five types and eight tips for dealing with these types are followed up with instructions on how to ground yourself and balance your own energy. The author definitely has insight into what happens as the result of being surrounded by negative or needy people for extended periods of time. She offers exceptional advice in a clear, simple to understand manner that appears easy to implement by any one in any job or position dealing with the public, or any large group of people. Though the order of the chapters is slightly out of synch, all the material presented is relevant and well developed.

Energy Vampires: How to Deal with Negative People is a must read for anyone who deals with large groups of people, or is often left drained after just a one-on-one. It would be especially beneficial to those in customer-service or service oriented fields, as well as those that want to deepen or develop their spiritual life. According to O’Neill, its all about balance. Balancing our spiritual self with our physical self.

Energy Vampires: How to Deal With Negative People
Jennifer O’Neill (Author)
ISBN: 978-0425263907

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