Book of the Week: Never Had A Chance To Say Goodbye
A Mohit (Author)
( Featured Review )

With dawn breaking, Henna and Osman leave their home for a pleasant drive to Sakrand, but by day’s end they find themselves lost in a dense jungle with a near-empty gas tank and no clear direction. Plowing ahead with only a full moon to guide them, a palace set in an expansive clearing appears miraculously. There they meet the vacationing Undersecretary His Highness Al Kindy of Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Department, who offers Osman a job at the Department.

Osman arrives in Abu Dhabi alone, but soon befriends three other expatriate engineers. Though the men embrace four different religions their close relationship continues to flourish after their families arrive. When Osman meets with a great tragedy, he is devastated. Soon after, a power crisis threatens to cripple the country. Can Osman overcome his grief and save his adopted country’s officials from humiliation, and his coworkers from losing their jobs?

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Never Had A Chance To Say Goodbye
A Mohit (Author)
ISBN: 978-1475225266

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