Serve Big by Denise Mock

GBT Book of the Week: Serve Big
Denise Mock (Author)

Want to know how your small business can make a HUGE impact? Learn to Serve BIG! This book will be your go-to guide for taking your small business to the next level and beyond. You will learn how to: identify your company’s vision & mission, deal with difficult customers, have proper training that is consistent throughout your organization, gather/ use feedback to continually improve what you do, and much more! Serve BIG will teach you how to serve your customers in a BIG way that will keep them coming back for more and telling others about you.

Denise Mock is the go-to girl for helping small businesses create exceptional customer service. She has been serving people for more than 25 years and is on a mission to help you take your business to the next level by creating exceptional customer service in your business. You may have the perfect product or offer an amazing service but if your customer service is lacking, you will never unlock your full potential. Join Denise on the adventure of providing exceptional customer service to your employees and enjoy the results of what it means to Serve BIG!

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Serve Big
Denise Mock (Author)

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