The Testing Point (Eric Collins)

Featured Book Review: The Testing Point
Angela Sturm

It was clear which room he was going to. Two EMTs were wheeling a stretcher out of the room at the end of the hall. They moved quickly to the elevator, its door held open by a trooper. As the stretcher passed him, Ben looked down at a young woman, maybe in her twenties, unconscious, her face badly beaten. The girls blond hair was matted with blood that had not yet dried. A macabre combination of blood and lipstick covered her face. The sheet that draped her body was stained red where it touched her abdomen.

When beat cop Ben Grasso is called to the crime scene to taxi the suspect to jail, he is shocked to learn the alleged perpetrator is a fellow officer and not just any fellow officer, but a childhood friend.

Author Eric Collins novel starts us out in the middle of a crime scene. Protagonist Ben Grasso is a street cop who gets embroiled in a mystery so twisted it could end his life. Author Eric Collins did an excellent job capturing his readers attention. The characters are colorful, believable and easy to identify with. Unlike so many new writers, Mr. Collins restricted his use of adjectives and adverbs as descriptives, instead focusing on the details, taking us through each scene as though we were there.

The setting takes place in Tremont, Boston, where the majority of the neighborhoods are Italian. The supporting characters were well written and full of color, especially Ben Grassos partner, Dina Greenbaum who is a former Israeli Intelligence officer.

This was an excellent book and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Collins became known as the next John Sandford. I would recommend this book to all mystery lovers and look forward to reading Mr. Collins next work.

The Testing Point
Eric Collins (Author)
ISBN: 978-1475146882

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