When The Storm Passes (Julie Jett)

By Judy A. Kessinger
GoodBooksToday.com Contributor

This book was easy to read and get familiar with the characters especially the young girl with all the emotions she goes through in a very trying time. Their day starts out like many do, having breakfast, talking about the day, etc. and the next thing you know the unthinkable happens without any time to prepare or even know what the next moment will bring.

Miss Jett has given a young girl many feelings to deal with, work through and knows how to project those feelings in a way that you can feel…Read More

Not Well (Jaime Curtis Baker)

By Judy A. Kessinger
GoodBooksToday.com Contributor

When I first started reading this book, I thought that the author was onto something that many people feel from time to time in their personal and professional lives. Being at work and sitting at your desk (at times) trying to stay focused and finding yourself wondering so many things as mentioned here. How many times have you wished for a better life, wondered what else could go wrong, wishing that the upper management or fellow employees would treat you better, etc.

This author has put down in words what some only dream about, cannot or won’t voice….Read More

How to Save $50,000 on a College Education (Laura H. Gilbert)

By Sheryl Faber
GoodBooksToday.com Contributor

How to Save $50,000 on a College Education was written by a savvy mother of four who painstakingly gathered all the knowledge she used to put her own children through college and placed it in the pages of this short manual.

Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, this book is a must for any parent with high school students readying themselves for the expense of a higher education. It strategically lays out methods to avoid having post-college life dampened by crushing student debt loads.
Subjects covered in this book include choosing the right college to meet individual needs, tuition cost-cutting ideas, the importance of grades and extracurricular activities and hints for paving the way for graduate school….Read More

The Deguello (Scott Zastrow)

By Andrea Fuentes
GoodBooksToday.com Contributor

As a US Army medic myself I found The Deguello more than captivating. On more than one occasion I found myself with chills completely engulfed within Zastrow’s story. I have always been envious of my male counter parts that got to train and join the elite forces of the military, wishing on multiple occasions that I was born a man, just so I could be a part of the team.

This story made those fantasies even stronger as I read the mesmerizing encounters of the A Team that made history infiltrating Afghanistan after the horrific terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001.

I was amazed at the intimate details of locations that I have actually been to, such as Fort Campbell, KY and Ali Al Salem, Kuwait. Zastrow also brought the realistic humor of the Soldier to the forefront of his book, causing me to outright laugh on multiple occasions, again portraying the accuracy of the account.

Military men have a way of handling the real-life fear of death with humor, cracking jokes at any moment they can and harassing their comrades with the kind of treatment brother would do. I found myself recounting the many wise-ass comments made to me and the remarkable similarity they had to the ones in the book.

As put out by Zastrow, The Degello is for Joe referring to the soldier. Military historians have recounted many stories of the events that occurred after that infamous day, but rarely are they attractive to the men (and women) that were and are still fighting this battle. Bringing tears to my eyes as I read through the chapters and causing my heart to yearn for the anatomy to be part of a team like the Triple Nickle, I would recommend this book to any service member I encountered. I also was impressed by the use of quotes to begin each chapter, giving a lead into the contents and serving as an easy take away. Hands down this has got to be one of the best historical books on this tragic event. As a member of the military it was great to hear about the very beginning and feel as though I was there, as I and many of my fellow soldiers have felt in the years after this all began. I salute Scott Zastrow for his commendable book The Degello.

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