Tonic for Great Life by Kiran Kurwade

GBT Featured Book Review: Tonic for Great Life: Are you ready for the Leap?
Kiran Kurwade (Author)
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Written by experienced behavioral coach Kiran Kurwade, Tonic for Great Life: Are You Ready for the Leap? is a self-help book imbibed with insightful words of wisdom, discovered by Kiran Kurwade himself while on his pursuit for spiritual enlightenment and peace. Tonic for Great Life is divided into several chapters, aimed at developing your mindset, intelligence, relationships and leadership skills.

Tonic for Great Life is geared towards helping develop corporate leaders, or improving the lifestyle and skills of existing corporate leaders. A refreshing read in a fast-paced, competitive world, Tonic for Great Life offers practical, simple solutions to achieving a work-life balance and a fulfilling career. It cleanses the mind in a cluttered world of the many demands of the human body and soul.

Besides offering great advice, Tonic for Great Life is written from the heart in full honesty and humility – it reaches out to the reader in a wholehearted attempt to improve their lives. A sprinkling of inspiring quotes and pictures adorn the book, adding an elegant touch to an already beautiful piece of work. Meaningful real-life anecdotes are used to convey important messages. For the reader’s convenience, there is a summary page of major takeaways and inspiring quotes at the end of the book.

Having 18 years of work experience, several training workshops and 5000 workshop attendees under his belt, Kiran Kurwade is well-qualified to write Tonic For Great Life. He has instilled his passion for helping others into this delightful read. Tonic for Great Life is truly inspiring. Reading this book would be akin to attending one of his training workshops in person, but at a very economical price. Kiran Kurwade has written a gem to be treasured in the world of self-improvement literature. Read Tonic for Great Life to enhance your relationships with your family, friends and co-workers, as well as to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance while achieving personal growth and scaling the corporate ladder. – Reviews

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Tonic for Great Life
Kiran Kurwade (Author)
ISBN: 978-1482810202

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