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Book Review: When The Storm Passes (Julie Jett)
By Judy A. Kessinger

This book was easy to read and get familiar with the characters especially the young girl with all the emotions she goes through in a very trying time. Their day starts out like many do, having breakfast, talking about the day, etc. and the next thing you know the unthinkable happens without any time to prepare or even know what the next moment will bring.

Miss Jett has given a young girl many feelings to deal with, work through and knows how to project those feelings in a way that you can feel what Avalie is feeling. Her mother has instilled many strong traits in her and she always remembers what her mama has told her even when she is not sure what the next moment or day will bring after the storm has passed. As Avalie goes through each day she finds out what she is made of, the strength she has and in the end knows that everything will be OK.

You can imagine and even feel the emotions that each character goes through while trying to hold it together in the midst of getting through the day. The days after the storm are anything but normal and Avalie struggles to find her way with her dog as her only hold onto what is left of her life before this tragedy happens. As she tries to find out what has happened to her mother she meets a number of people who take her under their wing and show her the compassion that is so desperately needed in this time of loss. How many have not survived, how many have not and the lessons Avalie learns during the days following the storm teach her many things about herself, the strength that she tries to hold onto until she sees that help is there and will get her through.

Avalie finally comes to a point that she must trust those who have reached out to her, took her in and gave her a future that will provide stability that she thought she would not see again. In this way she knows that even though she has lost, in many ways she has gained more than she could imagine. The author has based this on a true story and we feel the same emotions and we want to cheer them on for their bravery. We also get a realistic picture of what can and does happen when people come together for the common good, and that God is always watching us no matter what comes our way.

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When The Storm Passes
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