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Book Review: How to Save $50,000 on a College Education (Laura H. Gilbert)
By Sheryl Faber Contributor

How to Save $50,000 on a College Education was written by a savvy mother of four who painstakingly gathered all the knowledge she used to put her own children through college and placed it in the pages of this short manual.

Written in simple, easy-to-understand language, this book is a must for any parent with high school students readying themselves for the expense of a higher education. It strategically lays out methods to avoid having post-college life dampened by crushing student debt loads. Subjects covered in this book include choosing the right college to meet individual needs, tuition cost-cutting ideas, the importance of grades and extracurricular activities and hints for paving the way for graduate school. She delves heavily into the pros and cons of student loans and gives suggestions on pitfalls and schemes to watch for. Minimizing personal and living expenses is also discussed with basic and easy-to-implement techniques for getting the most out of funds while in school. Many of the cost-cutting tips can be used by anyone, not just students, interested in living a simpler, leaner life.

Gilbert includes simple examples and budget and loan tracking worksheets to assist parents and children in planning for college. She gently reminds readers of hidden expenses and costs that may not occur to them and summarizes the different types and interest costs of both private and federal loans. Student loan and other pertinent websites are listed at the end of the manual for the readers further education in college planning.

In the ideal world, this book should be read and the suggestions implemented by the student but it is more likely that it is parents who will peruse the pages to find the best way to fund their child's education. Much of the information put forth in this book is plain and simple common sense but the author writes about the subject and suggestions in a manner that will have you pounding your head with your hand and asking yourself why you did not think of some of these money-saving ideas yourself.

A practical, no-nonsense and straightforward instruction book for saving money for a college education that you will read over and over again to prepare each child in your household for the experience - and expense of college life.

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How to Save $50,000 on a College Education (Laura H. Gilbert)
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