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Book Review: Not Well (Jaime Curtis Baker)
By Judy A. Kessinger Contributor

When I first started reading this book, I thought that the author was onto something that many people feel from time to time in their personal and professional lives. Being at work and sitting at your desk (at times) trying to stay focused and finding yourself wondering so many things as mentioned here. How many times have you wished for a better life, wondered what else could go wrong, wishing that the upper management or fellow employees would treat you better, etc.

This author has put down in words what some only dream about, cannot or won't voice. The character seems to be on autopilot, going through the motions each day getting up, going to work, coming home, etc. You find that he does want to be recognized for his abilities, but also does not want to be taken advantage of as his sister does in this story. When he has to identify her body after a tragedy he shows the emotions that have been built up over time and circumstances throughout the his life and even though she made incorrect choices, he still can feel for her life that has gone wrong somewhere along the line.

The author describes each situation, each day with the character by words that make you feel the pain, the sense of hopelessness and even anger building up inside. When it comes to the point of no return, you feel the emotions rise up in the character and finally released due to a betrayal of someone he loved. He is finally feel free for the first time in a long time and before he is captured meets another who knows what he is feeling and understands. He knows she will appreciate her time, family and friends even more after witnessing this tragedy he has caused.I feel this could be a great movie with the dreams, disappointments and unexpected way a day may turn out or how we all feel at some point in our lives but don't always go to this extreme to make our point.

The words used are very powerful and they make you feel each emotion, each let down and every struggle that the character feels. It will leave you wanting to better your life knowing a wiser choice can be made if faced with the same in your own life. Book Review Blog: (Leave a Reply) | (Follow)

Not Well (Jamie Curtis Baker)
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