The Kestrel Waters: A Tale of Love and Devil

The Kestrel Waters: A Tale of Love and Devil
Randy Thornhorn (Author)
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Hear the night song of Kestrel. He has not always been this dark-winged angel. He was once a star, a guitar star so righteous. He was once a lost boy in love.

In The Beginning were two singers, The Brothers Brass. In The End there is no end to what one wounded girl’s heart will give. And no end to what one brother will give for the other.

The Brothers Brass. Two young grassroots singers (with echoes of Nickel Creek and The Everly Brothers). Raised in Savannah by the sea, together, these boys’ voices chime like heavenly bells. The oldest brother Kestrel falls in love with a girl named Bettilia, a wild child who hides in the treetops—hiding from her bad daddy on a haunted mountain called Riddle Top.

Soon all the Family Brass falls for Bettilia. She touches Kestrel, she touches everyone. And they touch sweet Bettilia, forever. Then comes that fateful day when Kestrel says “I do” to his dance with the devil—his devil within and without.

The Kestrel Waters is an eerie, heroic, and beautiful story of human love, like none you’ve ever known. An epic fable of an epic family whose hearts are comic, profane, and profoundly true.

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The Kestrel Waters: A Tale of Love and Devil
Randy Thornhorn

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