The Ghost Inside You

The Ghost Inside You
Dominic Arland (Author)

‘The Ghost Inside You’ is a compelling story set against the backdrop of World War II, where the shadow of death and anarchy of war unsympathetically devastate the lives of three young men, Ronald, Stanley and Louie. A simple thirst for celluloid magic destroys the peace from within, while leaving them vulnerable to a sudden onslaught of the diabolical kind. The traversed path of free-will has them entangled in a mystic tryst with spirits from the nether world. Lives are lost, as an evil curse dominates the rest of their days. The spirits have been betrayed and so they must avenge or be avenged. The stakes are high as the Bennette’s pay the price for the unkept promises of one.

Are the spirits responsible for the evil that seems to haunt them?

Is there anything they can do to escape the curse that rules their lives?

Are they forever destined to experience devastation and heartbreak?

In spite of unimaginable hardship and suffering, the traumatized Bennette family must find a way to survive as hostile and threatening events unfold. Follow their struggle as they experience mysterious and deadly events taking them to the edge of reality.

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The Ghost Inside You
Dominic Arland

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