The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

Featured Book Review: The Edge of Never
J.A. Redmerski (Author)

Andrew and Camryn, two complete strangers, meet on a bus and begin a friendship. These two lost souls find each other and immediately put up every barrier possible toward the possibility of establishing a lasting relationship. Both are very tentative and evasive at the beginning of this love story but come together more and more as they travel the country. They pull apart occasionally but always end up back together as a couple – they seem to be unable to separate themselves from each other even though neither thinks they are right for the other due to personal circumstances.

Camryn is running from what she is afraid her life is going to be – she doesn’t want to live the predictable and stale life of everyone else she knows. She is also afraid of being hurt again after the tragic death of her last boyfriend and the recent betrayal of her best friend. Andrew is also running but it is unclear why. He does interact with his family and even goes home for a short time. As the story progresses, the many talents of Andrew emerge. The sexual activity between the two of them escalates and both are adventurous and extremely attuned to each other’s wants and needs. It does get quite blatant at times but portrays the caring and the intense passion between the two young people.

The manner in which the story is alternately told from first-person point of views from both characters gives much insight to their deepest thoughts and feelings. We do get a clearer view of Camryn and her past than we do with Andrew. There is an air of mystery about why this young man acts the way he does and both Camryn and the reader struggle to understand his unpredictable and unreasonable behavior at times. The ending is quite a surprise – the why and how behind much of what has previously occurred in the story is finally explained. The author does an excellent job of keeping the reader intrigued throughout the many inner thoughts, emotions and actions of the two main characters. Other writers may have found it difficult to be constantly in the minds and hearts of these two unique individuals and still be able to express this love story so eloquently.

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The Edge of Never
J.A. Redmerski (Author)
ISBN: 1480095532

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