Spiros Gratsias (Author)
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Based on actual heroes who gave their lives in order to fight the dark evil that Hitler’s Nazism represented, The C ENIGMA explores the premise that each and every one of us has the personal responsibility to fight for freedom, justice, and the forces of good. An individual’s actions can have a drastic impact on the outcome of any battle, war, or campaign.

But the story begins quietly, intimately, with a man’s rifling through hidden treasures in his grandfather’s attic. Anthropology professor Matthias Adkins discovers a picture of Nazi Germany’s lead secret service agent, and along with it a series of riddles. Armed with these few clues, Matthias sets out on a hunt through time to find out who his family really is. And in the process, he may find it’s also a journey of self-discovery that reveals a destiny previously beyond his comprehension.

This page-turner bridges decades and generations, and infiltrates secret organizations and evil cults, to weave a mysterious and compelling narrative that broadens one’s perspective regarding history and personal duty.

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Spiros Gratsias

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