The Baby And The Brandy

GBT Featured Book Review: The Baby And The Brandy
Robert Parker (Author)
( 3+ Reviews )

The Baby and The Brandy is a wonderful suspense-filled thriller by Robert Parker. He expertly unfolds the story of a character who has been pushed into a dark place, yet still has hope. This tale will entice adult readers, along with others who love stories of mysteries, thrillers, and crime novels.

Always keeping the reader on the edge, Ben Bracken is a driven and enticing character. His every move draws the reader deeper into the story, wondering what he will do next on his struggle for redemption. Ben Bracken is military-trained, and certainly not afraid to spill some blood, yet he maintains a sense of dignity, courage, and loyalty throughout. Filled with secrets, twists and turns, The Baby and The Brandy is sure to keep the audience guessing and intrigued. The line between justice and vengeance is examined.

This is the story of a man who would do anything to complete his own personal mission, and yet he takes the time to ensure his help in another man’s saga as well. Ben Bracken is strangely caring beneath his hardened exterior, which only adds to his mystique. Though packed with action, Robert Parker is a skillful writer, and so the pacing is easy to follow, and the dialogue is brilliant. The descriptions are rich with detail and stand to enhance the reader’s imagination. Robert Parker goes far beyond expectations with The Baby and The Brandy. This is a strong introduction to the characters, and leaves a wonderful trail to follow for the next in the series. This is a book well worth a purchase, as Robert Parker continues to utilize his brilliant story telling and compelling characters in a way that will leave audiences picking up this book, and others by him, time and time again. – Reviews

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The Baby And The Brandy
Robert Parker (Author)

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