The ABCs of Enlightenment: A Mystical Primer
Jeffrey Baker (Author)

In this collection of essays on “Enlightenment,” Jeffrey Baker takes us on an alphabetical journey through such topics as Art, Joy, Karma, Money, Surrender, and even Xanadu–that immortal place so memorably evoked by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in his famous poem, “Kubla Khan.” Fans of Baker’s work will immediately recognize his characteristic wit, pith and skill in dispatching a number of difficult or arcane topics, and first-time readers will delight in his straightforward and humorous approach to discussing the many facets of leading a spiritually enlightened life, with practical examples and stories drawn from Baker’s rich history; from being one of the Baby Boomers present during those halcyon days at Woodstock, to his forty years of working and living in New York City. Mr. Baker walks the talk of enlightenment, too, having been for four decades a close disciple of the famed Indian guru Sri Chinmoy.

While this book is an ideal introduction to those who may be new to “high philosophy,” even veterans of these heady ideas and esoteric practices will find much new insight and will enjoy the view through Mr. Baker’s unique lens. Indeed, all of us who have ever yearned to break free from the tyranny of the mundane, the crush of the every-day, the oppressive reign of the routine–but who fear the risk or wonder about our abilities or simply, to paraphrase T. S. Eliot, “in short, we are afraid,”–can take solace and find inspiration in these words from Baker’s essay on Hope: “…If you have something good, uplifting, and inspiring to tell the world, there is no reason to beat yourself up about it; no reason to consider it egotistical if you want to share something wonderful with the rest of us. For it may not be your personal ambition that is urging you on, but divine unrest: God’s own hope within you.”

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The ABCs of Enlightenment: A Mystical Primer
Jeffrey Baker (Author)

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