Secrets of the Apple

Secrets of the Apple
Paula Hiatt (Author)
( 45+ Reviews )

Ever watched a man fall in love from the inside, a man really kicking and screaming, fighting it all the way? Our hero is a wealthy, arrogant businessman, a real beast to work for, and his new assistant, Kate, would have no problem sewing a trout or two into the lining of his coat. But there’s something about her, something he can’t quite grasp, and he watches her with hooded eyes, attempting to understand how she upends his world with a button and a bit of thread. A button is such a little thing, yet unraveling its mystery will send them both on a journey from San Francisco to the urban jungles of Brazil, setting a collision course with a murderer, a kidnapper, and a thief.

Ever watched a man fall in love from the inside? It’s complicated, scary, and definitely funny.

Warning: The hero and heroine do not hate each other on page one and tear their clothes off on page three. There is no mention of the “ice around his heart,” or any character’s “crumbling walls,” because, really, who talks like that. There may be some laughing since life is actually hilarious. There may be a little crying too . . . oh, and don’t be bothered should there be a tiny bit of death and dismemberment, a touch really, hardly any at all. Just so we’re clear.

“A captivating love story”—Lisa Oliver Monroe, Kirkus Magazine

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Secrets of the Apple
Paula Hiatt (Author)
ASIN: B007O3181G

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