Fragments: poetry, ancient & modern (Blue Flute)

By Angela Sturm Contributor

Fragments: poetry, ancient & modern (Blue Flute) yields a collection of literary work crossing historical lines, bringing together both obsolescent and budding poets who reflect on life, love and the societies prevalent in their time.

The book is separated into two parts; the first half has a selection of ancient poems from Israel, Greece, Rome, Italy, France, and China, Japan and The Spanish and English worlds.

In this section the poetry ….Read More

Finding Your Road to Success (Patrick Daniel)

By Sheryl Faber Contributor

Finding Your Road to Success by Patrick Daniel is an all-in-one success manual. The book covers a multitude of subjects essential to success such as finance, visualization, positive thinking, goal setting, checklists, religion, volunteering, budgets, health and humility that prepare an individual for a life of achievement and fulfillment.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the multitude….Read More

Flowers From Iraq (Sunny Alexander)

By Judy A. Kessinger Contributor

Reading this book I could feel the emotions that come through with the character and her struggles throughout her life since childhood. She has always felt invisible due to events in her childhood until she meets someone who loves her just for her, scars and all.

When they finally come together and speak their truths to each other, this is when they truly feel that there is nothing better than the love that two people have in spite of what has happened prior…Read More

No Safe Place (Taylor Wilmering)

By Angela Sturm Contributor

A sleeper terrorist cell, Ansar Inshallah, has begun attacking schools, killing innocents as they believed American society is corrupting its children. The Ansar Inshallahs response to this perceived injustice is to eradicate it. John Anderson, of the CTD and Erin Walker, of the FBI, were tasked with identifying the threat to the local people comingling their agencies in an effort to locate and dissolve this band of radicals.

In this hard to put down book, Wilmering’s spy thriller has the beginnings of ….Read More