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Single women are constantly asking themselves “Why am I still single?” The purpose of the book is to answer this question and inspire single women to have the self-esteem, courage, conviction and guts to believe that true love is still out there for them and not to settle. In a society that tells us that women over 35 are like discounted, last season’s fashions, this book is a shining beacon that shows, through the author’s own story of heartbreak and triumph that we can, and will, endure. The book gives women the ammunition to say “Up Yours” to all the nay-sayers and skeptics who tell us that we will not find “the one.” All women DESERVE true love. No question.

Part personal stories, part commentary, part rant on societal issues, part advice, the book stimulates your own thinking to examine your life and know that you are doing the best you can. This book tells women “You are not the problem.”

On a quest to find her knight in shining armor, Lindsley draws you into her hilarious and complicated tales of dating in a sea of mediocrity and keeping the faith. Both funny and touching, sarcastic and insightful, this is meant for all those ladies who have ever thought they might never find true love, or wanted to chew off their own leg to escape a bad date, or are frustrated why they are still single and neither they, nor their friends or family can figure out why. Don’t worry. It’s not you. It’s them.

Today’s selection of men is like a picked over Barneys warehouse sale – what was once enticing and full of anticipation now looks like the used, discarded Island of the Misfit Toys. From trying to get friends to set you up, to going to odd places to find a decent man, to the ultimate final frontier – online dating, Lindsley’s real stories should help you sleep at night, knowing that you are not alone in your plight. Online dating is a necessary evil. Necessary because it is the last hope for the modern gal to find love.

Do not settle. Do not let others put you down. Do not think you are crazy. Do not throw in the towel and start crocheting outfits for your cat. There IS hope. Let Lindsley be your beacon of hope, your wing woman, your leader in the fight to find your knight in shining armor. Yes, Virginia, he does exist. He might be just stuck in traffic.

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Lindsley Lowell

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