Involuted: The Tale of The Red Ribbon Tree

Involuted: The Tale of The Red Ribbon Tree
Brittni Chenelle (Author)
( 8+ Reviews )

For Eliza, life is finally starting to go her way. She landed a spot on the varsity basketball team and everyone in school is starting to notice her—even her crush Chris. Milo can’t catch a break. Inside his video games he’s a hero, but in the real world he gets bullied and Eliza, the girl of his dreams, doesn’t know he exists. Life takes a turn for the weird when they both get pulled into their school book report via a hidden portal. Eliza and Milo find themselves in an enchanted, lawless land and with no clue how to return to their own world.

The two meet Professor Quigley, an odd little man who tells them the way out of Involutia lies in their own hands. But first they have to survive The Hollow—a forest filled with sinister surprises. Nothing could be worse for Eliza—she’s pursued by goblins, a vengeful dragon, and sadistic creatures that thrive on high stakes, especially ones involving her. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s paired up with a nerd from school. For Milo, nothing could be better—he’s in his element, he’s inexplicably good at sword fighting, and Eliza is counting on him to save the day.

They make some unlikely friends and enduring bonds along the way. But as they finally near the end of their perilous journey, someone appears and delivers a revelation. Eliza and Milo are forced to choose between their own desires and saving Involutia from an eternity of despair.

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Involuted: The Tale of The Red Ribbon Tree
Brittni Chenelle (Author)

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