How to publish your book – The Essential Author Success Guide

The Essential Author Success Guide
WorkNine Publications (Author)
( 4+ Reviews )

Successful Self-Publishing Has Never Been This Easy Before!

***The Ultimate Guide To Publishing On Kindle And Really Making Money***

This book shows you everything you need to know about publishing your e-book on Kindle and actually earning a profit. There are several books that claim to help you become a successful self-publisher, but all of those books have one thing in common. None of them actually show you how to effectively market your e-book to make the sales and create a substantial profit. That’s what this book is all about!

***The Truth About Self Publishing On Amazon and What You Need To Know***

The Essential Author Success Guide shows you everything you need to know to self-publish your e-book properly and gives you easy to follow marketing techniques to increase your sales and drive real revenue!

***Step By Step Guidance on Publishing Your E-book Successfully***

•Learn how to successfully publish your e-book and who can help you through this process to ensure success.

•What are the pros and cons between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing

•What are the Top 5 Essential Steps of Self-Publishing

•Who are the best people to partner with to make your book successful?

•How to successfully publish your book on Kindle Direct Publishing

***Effective Marketing Strategies and Techniques Designed For Success***

Here you will learn all of the best marketing strategies and techniques that successful publishers use to make more sales and increase their profit.

•How to successfully market your book

•How to effectively use a Virtual Book Tour To boost sales

•Top secrets to grab your readers attention quickly

•What are the most effective ways to market on social media

•Step by step guide on how to use facebook, twitter, and youtube to sell more books

•What are the top free marketing strategies available and how to use them

•How to create the Total Marketing Plan (Great Writing + Awesome Marketing Plan=SUCCESS!)

•How To Get Genuine Book Reviews Fast

•Who are the best go-to literary agents in the industry?

•What are the pros of traditional marketing such as fund raising and public speaking

Self-publishing has never been this easy or this feasible before! Effective marketing strategies and techniques is the key to self-publishing success! The Essential Author Success Guide is packed with rich, effective and easy to understand information that will position you for ULTIMATE SUCCESS!

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The Essential Author Success Guide
WorkNine Publications (Author)

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