How To Build James Bond’s Unshakable Self Confidence

How To Build James Bond’s Unshakable Self Confidence (James Bond’s Lifestyle)
J.F. Bouchard (Author)
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Masterfully crafted by J.F. Bouchard, ‘How to Build James Bond’s UNSHAKABLE Confidence’ fuses the author’s own boundary-pushing escapades with a mission-style blueprint anyone can deploy to breeze through life and handle any challenge with panache, strength and style. As an International Information Security Consultant, Bouchard has found himself doing everything from flying helicopters and performing car stunts to mastering body language everywhere from boardrooms to war zones – making him the perfect mentor for those looking to accomplish specific tasks that will allow them to unleash their boundless personal power.

In 1953, Ian Fleming created Bond….James Bond; the 007 everyday hero that has transcended fiction to become a cultural symbol of strength and tenacity. Nobody will deny that he’s the perfect role model who, while traditionally out of reach, can now be embodied by anyone thanks to what could be the world’s most compelling self-help book.
‘How to Build James Bond’s UNSHAKABLE Confidence’, by J.F. Bouchard, provides an action-packed blueprint for building unfathomable confidence, pushing personal boundaries and unleashing the personal power to triumph over any challenge in life. Bouchard has lived the James Bond lifestyle through his work as an International Information Security Consultant for Military and NGO organizations, working in some of the world’s most dangerous places, hurl himself out of aircraft and escape life-and-death situations in hostile territories.

But Bouchard’s experiences aren’t just engrossing talking points; each empowered him to radiate confidence and use courage as the fuel to smashing through any goal. ‘How to Build James Bond’s UNSHAKABLE Confidence’ walks readers through the unique program he has developed to help them do the same.

About the book:

You want to breeze through life, handling challenges with the perfect blend of grace, panache, strength and style – just like 007 always does in James Bond novels and films – you will need to grasp the fundamentals of How to Build James Bond’s UNSHAKABLE Confidence.

After all, this British hero, who was created by author Ian Fleming way back in 1953, had to pay his dues by training intensively before he was able to become a strong, confident and powerful operative.

Known as a ladies’ man, a gourmand and a stone-cold assassin (licensed!), Bond is never to be trifled with, unless he wants to be. In other words, he’s a loyal friend and a dangerous enemy. If you’re interested in developing skills which will give you a little Bond-style charm and charisma, you’ll find our detailed guide very inspiring.

Now, it’s time for you to access your own “00” training, which will help you to manifest your personal power, each and every day…

“The book pushes readers to perform empowering activities, get out in the world and live a full life,” explains the author, who is currently working on a huge telecom project in Arctic Canada. “James Bond is my model; a man who knows a thing or two about taking small steps to push boundaries and ultimately throw confidence through the roof.”

Continuing, “Everything is based around my self-developed S.M.A.R.T. objectives. It gives readers true guidance and highly-actionable milestones to aim for, rather than just the fluff usually associated with self-help books.”
Bouchard places the success of his S.M.A.R.T. objectives down to their very association with James Bond.

“007 isn’t included as some kind of cheap sales tactic; I use him because it’s a model everyone is familiar with. This not only allows readers to draw strong inferences with the tasks they will push themselves to achieve, but provides a very strong image of what the final outcome looks like. I’m not exaggerating when saying that anyone…yes…anyone can become an everyday hero with radiant grace and style. This book starts that journey,” he adds.

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How To Build James Bond’s Unshakable Self Confidence (James Bond’s Lifestyle)
J.F. Bouchard

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