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You Be Different!
S. K. Lakota (Author)
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“You Be Different!” by S.K. Lakota is a self-help book that guides jobseekers and others who simply are ready for a change to find success. The author believes that people should do this by differentiating themselves from everyone around them; this differentiation is created through logical and rational steps, managing logistics and constant assessment.

He offers specific and targeted questions and suggestions throughout the book to get the reader to head in the right direction to achieve personal goals. Lakota proposes that the way to succeed is to examine talents, practice areas that need improvement and constantly question everything inside you and around you.

According to Lakota, people will stand out and be noticed if they learn how to do thorough research for any situation, make good decisions, practice good communication and people skills and plan well for the future. The chapters are filled with very specific questions to help the reader prepare for change. The author suggests that prospective employees also set themselves apart by working on interview skills (including developing a self-sell statement for the appropriate moment during an interview and researching the company they want to join) and then talking with employees about their experience at the company.

Lakota also recommends generally planning ahead in life, as the list on page 158 suggests:

How do I plan for changes that I know are coming?
When should I look for a new job?
What do I need to do to move ahead in my job?
How should I adapt and be prepared for changes?

The author believes that all of these positive attributes, good decision-making, good communication, good people skills and good planning are all related and all contribute to a person’s success.

“You Be Different!” is filled with focused, smart questions, lists of suggestions and explanations and analyses of example situations. This book is a must-read if you are currently interviewing for a job, looking to make a change, and very helpful in general for planning, communication and leading a more successful and fulfilling life. – Reviews

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You Be Different!
S. K. Lakota (Author)

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